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Our activities cater to everyone, so adults and kids alike can enjoy fun experiences, connect with the world, and grow – together.


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Our curated trips, tours and activities are designed to create confident parents, stronger families and good global citizens.


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For every booking you make, we make a donation to causes you care about.
Build lasting family memories while helping create a better future for the world. Find out more here.

Discover the World

Morocco Family Holiday

Price: Adult : $ 595.00 Child : $ 595.00

October 22, 2016
8 days
Brazilian Amazon 8-day Cruise – Xixuaú Expedition

Price: Adult : $ 1,810.00 Child : $ 1,629.00

8 days
Tanzania Family Safari

Price: Adult : $ 4,115.00 Child : $ 3,704.00

December 24, 2016
10 days
Thailand Family Holiday

Price: Adult : $ 1,445.00 Child : $ 1,300.00

December 17, 2016
12 days
Sahara Family Holiday

Price: Adult : $ 710.00 Child : $ 710.00

October 15, 2016
8 days
Peru Family Adventure

Price: Adult : $ 2,870.00 Child : $ 2,583.00

December 26, 2016
10 days

Latest Tours and Activities

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Family Exploration of Athens

Panepistimiou Street

Adult : $ 45.00
Child : $ 40.00

young boy in detective costume isolated on white background
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The Da Vinci Code Tour

Paris, France

Adult : $ 435.00
Child : $ 40.00

Louvre with kids - treasure hunt
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Treasure Hunt at the Louvre

Paris, France

Adult : $ 385.00
Child : $ 40.00

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3 Ways to Create a Family Culture of Acceptance

by Mary Grace Otis “It’s not wrong, it’s just different.” I can’t tell you how many times my high school German teacher repeated those words to us on our class trip to Germany the summer after 10th grade. She said those words to try to help us process all of the things that we were experiencing that […]

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A year of cultural diversity

What better way to teach our kids about the world and raise their awareness than by celebrating multicultural and ethnic festivals and holidays from around the world? We’re loving this 2016-2017 Diversity Calendar, a month-by-month, thorough collection of holidays around the world, put together by Becky Morales of Kid World Citizen. In addition to festivals and […]

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How to Create a Family Mission Statement

The definition of family has evolved significantly over the years.    There is no right or wrong, there is no “normal” or “typical”.  Just family- your family! No matter how family is defined or what person(s) make up a family, each family is uniquely shaped by its very own culture. Culture is often thought of […]

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