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Why Travel with Us

We handpick local and authentic activities and adventures that are fun and enriching for the whole family — a collection of meaningful experiences for families who believe that how we bring up our children today can positively impact the world tomorrow.

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We Find The Best Family Experiences.

Our trips, tours and activities are specially selected for families who want to create lasting memories while experiencing the world, its people and cultures.

A fun class, a unique tour, an unforgettable trip – you name it. Every provider, big or small, shares our passion for family travel and our commitment to preserving the local culture and fostering conservation.

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You Grow as a Family

Our activities and adventures cater to everyone, so adults and kids alike can enjoy fun experiences, connect with the world, and grow – together.

Our goal is to help create confident parents, build stronger families and raise good global citizens.


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Together, We Make a Difference

We are passionate about discovering the best experiences for our families, but are equally committed to making the world a better place.

By booking with us, you support organizations that foster education and conservation worldwide.

Learn more about the projects we support.

About Us

What kind of person do you want your child to be?

At Our Whole Village, we believe the world needs good global citizens – individuals who are both self- and globally-aware. What does it mean to be a global citizen?

A good global citizen is:

Empathetic: cares deeply for the environment and is attuned to the needs and feelings of others; challenges preconceptions and prejudices by focusing on what they have in common with others rather than on what divides them.

Curious & Open-Minded: shows an active interest in learning and growing and is appreciative of other cultures, views, values and traditions.

Kind & Compassionate: generous and loving, standing up for those who are vulnerable.

Fair & Principled: reflects on what is right and acts with integrity and fairness; is honest and accepts responsibility for their actions.

Resourceful & Persevering: takes initiative, is flexible and confident, thinks creatively and perseveres when facing challenges.

Mindful & Self-Aware: takes time for what matters; is conscious of his/her essence and purpose and is true to him/herself.

Perhaps the most important factor for a good global citizen is having a parent who believes in all the above. A parent who is willing to model and nurture these values in their children, growing with them.

Our mission is to offer experiences that help families connect with the world, its people and cultures. 

Letter From Our Founder

Parenting is messy.

We start with nothing but hopes and dreams for our kids. We want them to be good global citizens – kind, curious and compassionate individuals who care for others and the world. We want them to be brave, responsible and self-confident, to learn to trust their instincts and find their purpose and happiness in life.

Reality, as it turns out, is a bit harsher. And certainly less inspiring.

Sleepless nights make us tired and impatient. Busy routines make it tough to connect with our children. We’re pulled in a million different directions and flooded with overwhelming parenting advice.

The dreams are still there, but they are often clouded with nagging feelings of guilt, frustration, and self-doubt. And just plain exhaustion.

Every parent has been there. You’re not alone. But it sure feels that way.

What we need is a village.

A safe space where we can tune out the noise and focus on what truly matters: love and quality time – with ourselves, our children, our families and friends.

Less pointless worrying, more joyful experiencing.

My wish is that Our Whole Village will bring us together, inspiring our families to enjoy the little moments, helping us grow with our children.

I hope you will join me and other parents in our movement to raise good global citizens and make a positive impact in the world.

Love + S(miles),


Patty Monahan was born and raised in Brazil, lived in Hamburg, Washington D.C. and Madrid and is currently based in Birmingham, MI with her kids, Aiden, Sofia, Julia & Miles. Our Whole Village is the result of her lifelong passion for traveling and her newfound mission of becoming the best parent she can be. She’s a lawyer by cosmic irony and a social entrepreneur by choice. She is Our Whole Village’s CEO & Chief World Explorer. [email protected]