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Brazil for Kids: Jaú National Park

Brazil for Kids

Planning a trip to Brazil? Did you know that the Amazon measures a whopping 2.6 million square miles? And it contains some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world? When it comes to Brazil for kids, the Amazon forest is a must-see.

And there’s no better spot for a family adventure than Jaú National Park. Read on to learn more about this World Heritage Site, the largest national park in the Amazon basin.

Go Wild!

Located 200 miles from the city of Manaus, Jaú National Park encompasses 23,000 square km of verdant rainforest. Annual rainfall averages 98 inches and temperatures average 79 °F.

The Brazilian government restricts access to the area. So, it remains largely untouched. A true jungle adventure spot!

Guided boat tours are the way to travel in this part of the world. However, not all tours are created equal. Be sure to choose an Amazon river cruise that respects and benefits the local culture, people, and the environment.

Looking for the perfect spot in Brazil for kids? If you want an exotic adventure your whole family will love, Jaú is your spot.  It doesn’t get any wilder or more exciting than this!

Brazilian Amazon 5-day All-Inclusive Cruise – Jaú National Park Expedition
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On the Lookout…

Jaú National Park houses almost all of the major species found in the Amazon basin. So, get ready to play the Brazilian version of Where’s Waldo? Only you won’t be searching for a red-and-white striped cartoon.

Instead, you’ll scope out spider monkeys, black-headed uakari monkeys, black caiman and more. Your ears will ring with the raucous calls of birds decked out in vibrant oranges, purples, emeralds, yellows, and scarlets. While sightings are rare, jaguars and pumas lurk here, too.

The Rio Negro is not only the largest tributary of the Amazon River – it’s also the largest blackwater river in the world. Despite its unique color, the river supports more than 700 species of fish and two peculiar species of freshwater dolphin, the Pink river dolphin and the Gray river dolphin. These amazingly unique and endangered creatures are only found in the Amazon and are a treat to see.

Not only is the Rio Negro and the surrounding jungle beautiful and ecologically-rich, but the natural acidity of the river prevents mosquito larvae from developing. Cruisers can actually sit out on deck enjoying extraordinary surroundings without the mosquitoes. Plus, refreshing water temperatures invite swimmers to safely splash around during the heat of the Amazonian afternoon.

Brazilian Amazon 5-day All-Inclusive Cruise – Jaú National Park Expedition
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Life Lessons

Few places illustrate successful conservation efforts better than Jaú National Park. Jaú provides refuge for many endangered species including the giant otter, jaguar, and margay, a small wild cat.

The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and other groups have worked hard to preserve this wilderness area. The Amazon rainforest generates about 20 percent of the earth’s oxygen needs. So, maintaining its health is crucial to us all.

In Jaú National Park, your family will learn about a different way of life and the responsibilities that we all have to protect and preserve the Earth. They’ll interact with local kids, broaden their horizons and gain greater cultural fluency.

Brazil for Kids

Jaú National Park contains abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery. It has suffered little impact from tourism and illustrates important lessons about nature conservation.

Jaú will leave a lasting mark on your family. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for the earth’s hidden treasures. And your kids will learn important lessons about respect, diversity, and conservation.

Interested in learning more about travel to Jaú? Check out our seven-day Brazilian Amazon River Cruise itinerary.

This family-focused tour takes you deep into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. You’ll hike through pristine forest, swim with river dolphins, explore waterfalls, and much more.

Interested in learning more about Brazil for kids? Want to ensure you’re raising good global citizens?

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