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Together, we can make a difference.
Together, we can effectively help women, children and families all over the globe.
Together, we can raise good global citizens and make this a better world for our children.

When you book with us, part of the profits go directly to organizations and projects that work with women and children worldwide. Projects in family health, education and conservation that will directly impact the lives of underprivileged families.

Learn about the projects we currently support:

Fundação Almerinda Malaquias (FAM)

Fundação Almerinda Malaquias (FAM) is a Brazilian non-profit based in Novo Airão, on the Rio Negro River about 180 km upstream of Manaus. Established in 1997, the organization aims at improving the quality of life of the local inhabitants through education, the creation of new opportunities, integration in the work field and development of new markets.

FAM trains local women and youth on woodworking, marquetry and handicraft, as well as on environmental education and sustainable use of local resources. The foundation currently supports 123 kids and 30 artisans.

Our contributions helped them build a local store, where they can sell their beautiful woodwork/marquetry and artisanal soap products.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


VivAmazonia School

Vivamazonia, a constructivist school up the Rio Negro that caters to students ages 6-15. Funds here help with infrastructure (kitchen and bathroom), renovations, as well as food and transportation for the kids whenever needed.

Amazon river cruise
Boat provided for transportation of kids to VivAmazonia school.