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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer trips, tours and activities for families, with a stronger focus on families with kids ages 0-12. Our goal is to find experiences that are family-friendly, but also meaningful and enriching for everyone.

Experiences are categorized by location. Once you click on a location you can filter further, selecting specific ages and/or categories of experience.

We curate experiences for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who wish to connect with the world, its people and cultures and help raise good global citizens and give back.

We’re changing the world, two families at a time.

On one hand, we want families to have amazing experiences, create long-lasting memories and raise a whole generation of global citizens. 

Our providers are all carefully vetted to make sure they are both family and eco-friendly. The itineraries are designed with families in mind and take both the kids’ and the parents’ needs into account, so they’re fun and enriching for everyone.

On the other hand, we’re committed to giving back, so 50% of our profits go to projects and organizations that benefit women and children worldwide.

For most tours and activities, you can change or cancel a booking up to 7 days in advance without a fee from Our Whole Village (subject to specific conditions explained at time of purchase). To change or cancel a booking, view your upcoming reservations by selecting Account Settings/Booking History. Select the booking you wish to change/cancel. Most trips and certain items, such as special events and tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

Your confirmation is sent via e-mail as soon as payment is processed. In addition, you can view vouchers for future travel at all times in under Your Account. If you are concerned that you may not be able to access the internet at your destination, please be sure to print out a copy of your confirmation before you travel.

Once your booking is confirmed we will email you a voucher. This is your ticket and proof of purchase.

Absolutely! Send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we’ll help you find that perfect family tour or adventure.

Do you offer an amazing experience that is family-focused? Are you committed to the best customer service, highest safety standards and the environment? Send us a message at [email protected]!

Please send an email to hello@ourwholevillage.com and we’ll look into it. Include as much information as possible: your name, date of travel, tours and/or activities you purchased, etc.

Together, we’re raising good global citizens and giving back to local communities. Changing the world, two families at a time. Click here to learn more.

We love hearing from other travel enthusiastic parents or brands that are passionate about raising global kids and making a positive impact. You can reach us at [email protected]

Join Our Facebook Community and connect with other well-traveled families to share experiences and recommendations, near and far.

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