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Mexico with Kids: Family-Friendly Baja

Mexico with kids

Did you know that Mexico’s Baja Peninsula measures nearly as long as the entire West Coast of the United States? That means, there’s lots to cover and see in this gorgeous neck of the woods. In fact, from Todos Santos to La Paz, Baja remains among Mexico’s great family vacation destinations. But what makes Mexico with kids so great?

Children love the culture, music, and wildlife of Mexico, and Mexicans adore kids. In fact, life here revolves around little ones, which means there’s no end of fun activities when it comes to kid-friendly vacations here. Let’s break down some of the exciting things to do in Baja with kids.

Baja’s Natural Charms

Located along the Baja California peninsula, Baja offers stunning views of the Sea of Cortez. What’s more, temperatures prove pleasant during the winter months, hovering reliably in the 70s and 80s. So, prepare for fun in the sun for the whole family.

Kid-friendly activities prove plentiful including swimming with whale sharks in the bay, learning more about gray whales at the atmospheric Museo de la Ballena in La Paz, and lending sea turtles a helping hand at the hatchery in Todos Santos.

Swim with Whale Sharks

Whale sharks can grow up to 40 feet long. Many migrate to the Sea of Cortez beginning in October to winter over until March. So, autumn and winter represent great times to swim with whale sharks in La Paz Bay. Despite their massive size, they prove gentle and safe to snorkel with, even for kids.

The right outfitter will provide you with wetsuits and snorkel gear. This makes swimming with whale sharks a convenient, affordable experience. Remember to bring an underwater camera so that you can capture this amazing family adventure on film and cherish it for a lifetime.

Mexico with kids
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Learn More About Gray Whales

Museo de la Ballena offers an in-depth exploration of the lives of gray whales who live and breed in the Sea of Cortez. Five exhibition spaces offer airy views and audiovisual displays. Multilingual explanations let your family dive into better understanding these breathtaking creatures.

The museum proves spellbinding with its soundtracks of whales in the wild. It also provides more information about local sea turtle populations and features a gift shop and cafeteria. What’s more, the museum is founded on promoting the conservation and study of whales, so you can feel good about your visit.

Mexico with kids
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Lend Sea Turtles a Helping Hand

The quaint town of Todos Santos sits nestled along the Pacific Coast. It’s a fun spot to take in local culture and shop for keepsakes. From the beach, you and your family have the chance to spot humpback whales, and a trip through the estuary reveals dramatic bird spotting. But that’s not all when it comes to local sea life.

Just 30 minutes from Todos Santos you’ll find a sea turtle hatchery project making crucial inroads when it comes to rehabilitating these gentle giants. The hatchery protects the habitat of local olive ridley and leatherback sea turtle nests. Depending on the location of the nests, these sites are either protected onsite or the nests get relocated to a protected location until the baby turtles prove ready to hatch. On your visit to the hatchery, lend a helping hand by volunteering with the group.

Mexico with Kids
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Mexico with Kids

Whether you’re swimming with whale sharks, learning more about gray whales at the Museo de la Ballena, or helping sea turtles, Baja represents an unforgettable destination when traveling Mexico with kids.

Interested in one-of-a-kind Mexico family vacations? Check out our eight-day Family Wildlife Adventure in Baja, Mexico. This family-focused tour will take you on the adventure of a lifetime along the Baja California peninsula. Besides snorkeling adventures at the archipelago of Espíritu Santo, you’ll visit Cabo Pulmo National Park and the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve.

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