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The Rainforest for Kids: 3 Books Your Kids Will Adore

rainforest for kids

Looking for stunning picture books to introduce your kids to the Brazilian Amazon? When it comes to the rainforest for kids, one of the most vital ecosystems on the planet, the best storybooks teach powerful lessons about respect, compassion, and making responsible choices. Here are three of our favorites.

rainforest for kids
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The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest  by Lynne Cherry

In The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest, Lynne Cherry presents a remarkable and moving story about the precious nature of life. Cherry traveled deep into the rainforests of Brazil to illustrate and write this magical tale about a man who exhausts himself trying to cut down a huge kapok tree. Fatigued by his labors, he lays down for a nap.

During his slumber, the inhabitants of the forest come one by one to whisper in his ear. These include a boy from the Yanomami tribe who reminds him that all life depends on the trees of the forest. These whisperings have a profound effect on the man. The beauty of Cherry’s prose is matched by her gorgeous pencil and watercolor drawings, which include breathtaking world maps bordered by the animals from the rainforest.

The Rainforest Grew All Around by Susan K. Mitchell and Connie McLennan

In this clever adaptation of the song “The Green Grass Grew All Around,” Susan K. Mitchell brings the plants and animals of the rainforest to life. As Mitchell explores the circle of life in the rainforest, she takes readers on a journey from the forest floor upwards to the canopy. The jungle comes to life for readers as they encounter creatures such as:

  • jaguars
  • leafcutter ants
  • emerald tree boas
  • poison dart frogs
  • bats
  • toucans

They’ll also learn about liana vines, bromeliads, kapok trees, and more. The Rainforest Grew All Around contains the creative illustrations of Connie McLennan, which represent an “I Spy” of the jungle world with butterflies and rainforest bugs hidden on every page.

Doyli to the Rescue: Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon by Cathleen Burnham

My daughters love reading inspiring books about kids saving the rainforest, and your little ones will, too. Stories such as Doyli to the Rescue: Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon empower children by letting them know that they can make a difference. In the book, we’re introduced to 10-year-old Doyli who lives on an island in the Amazon rainforest. Along with her family, Doyli works to save baby monkeys and release them into the wild.

As the story progresses, we learn about Doyli’s daily tasks helping to care for her little patients. From sweeping to carrying water in a bucket, Doyli works hard to protect the monkeys in her family’s care. When not working at the sanctuary, she has a long commute to school, which involves two separate canoe rides. Doyli’s story shows that you’re never too young or too little to make a big difference in the world.

rainforest for kids
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The Rainforest for Kids

These books introduce kids to the vibrant world of the Amazon rainforest, combining captivating storytelling with stunning illustrations and rainforest facts for kids.

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