Upcoming Departures

Where will your family travel next?


Explore the world with like-minded families.
Make new friends and take part in fascinating cultures.


Enjoy local and authentic experiences that are fun and enriching for the whole family.


Raise good global citizens and give back to local communities.

7-Day Brazilian Amazon Cruise Adventure

This seven-day itinerary offers the full Amazon family experience, in a relatively short timeframe, as you explore Manaus, our jungle lodge, Jau’s paths, waterfalls, and creeks, and visit riverside communities where you and your family can learn, grow and make a difference.

8-Day Chapada Diamantina/Salvador Adventure

Located in the heart of Bahia, Chapada Diamantina has flat topper mountains, canyons, valleys, trails, caves and the most impressive brazilian waterfalls. Chapada is like an oasis in the wilderness.

10-Day Peruvian Family Adventure

Gaze up at Peru’s dazzling peaks and into picturesque valleys to understand why the Andean mountains were sacred for the Incas. This well-paced holiday combines time in the fascinating historic cities of Lima and Cuzco with time exploring some of Peru’s most amazing settings.