Holiday Gift Guide for Traveling Kids


It’s that time of year and we all could use a little inspiration for our gift buying lists. There are plenty of good ideas beginning to circulate. We’ve pinned several and have come up with […]

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Country Spotlight: 5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Learn About Ethiopia


Where in the world… Fun Facts 1.  The Ethiopian calendar has a 13th month consisting of only five to six days. 2.  Ethiopians have a reputation as being some of the fastest runners in the […]

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A Visit to the National Air and Space Museum, Dulles Annex


Everyone knows that Washington, D.C. is a great place to go with kids. With museums, monuments and lots of green space, there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained. What few out-of-towners know, however, is […]

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Patagonia with Kids: Glaciers, Penguins and Zodiaks, Oh My!

Patagonia Glaciers - OWV

In 2010, my husband and I stepped off the proverbial career-tracked train and traveled with our then one-year-old for six months. We spent two of those months in South America, specifically, in Peru (visiting family), […]

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Fall Is Fun … for Kids

Leaf Pile  - Our Whole Village

Do you remember how much fun fall was when you were a kid? You got to jump in the leaves, go to the pumpkin patch, dress up for Halloween and bake fall-themed treats. Or, at […]

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