Our Amazon Adventure: Carnaval in Moura

Our Whole Village134

On day 4 of our Amazon expedition in Brazil we start our day in Moura, a community of 500 inhabitants along the Rio Negro, where we meet local folks and spend a leisurely morning with […]

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Country Spotlight: 5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Learn About Spain


Where in the world… Fun Facts 1. The two most valuable sports franchises in the world are both Spanish: futbol (soccer) clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. They are worth $3.44 billion and $3.2 billion respectively, […]

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5 Simple Ways To Travel Responsibly With Kids

Sustainable Travel - Bikes

As we learn more about the impact travel has on the world and its cultures, many people are looking for experiences that will leave less of a footprint while also providing a more authentic and enriching […]

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6 Reasons To Take More Day Trips

View from the Top, Storm King

Does your family take day trips? We do, but not regularly and not enough. We’re city people and really would rather be out and about on foot rather than driving off somewhere in the car. […]

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Travel Destination: Playgrounds

Peru Playground

When we are traveling, one of our kids’ favorite activities is playing at a local playground. I have to admit, I love this too. From a cutlural immersion standpoint, it doesn’t get much better than […]

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