6 Reasons To Take More Day Trips

View from the Top, Storm King

Does your family take day trips? We do, but not regularly and not enough. We’re city people and really would rather be out and about on foot rather than driving off somewhere in the car. […]

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Travel Destination: Playgrounds

Peru Playground

When we are traveling, one of our kids’ favorite activities is playing at a local playground. I have to admit, I love this too. From a cutlural immersion standpoint, it doesn’t get much better than […]

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Peru with Kids: Central coast, Arequipa and the Colca Canyon


My husband’s mother is Peruvian, making my children 1/4 Peruvian. It’s a big country and despite having visited numerous times, we still have a lot more to see and show our kids. But, we’ve been […]

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A Weekend with Kids in New England

Blueberry picking in Central Maine.

We’ve moved back to the States from two years abroad in Spain. Unsure of our next destination, we opted to spend the summer on the east coast with family. My husband envisioned a quiet summer […]

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5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Learn About…Thailand

Thailand flag

Where in the world… Fun Facts 1. Thailand has over 1430 islands. That’s a lot of beaches! 2. Tuk-tuks are a popular way to get around crowded cities in Thailand. Essentially three-wheeled motorcycles with a […]

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