Peru with Kids: Central coast, Arequipa and the Colca Canyon


My husband’s mother is Peruvian, making my children 1/4 Peruvian. It’s a big country and despite having visited numerous times, we still have a lot more to see and show our kids. But, we’ve been […]

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A Weekend with Kids in New England

Blueberry picking in Central Maine.

We’ve moved back to the States from two years abroad in Spain. Unsure of our next destination, we opted to spend the summer on the east coast with family. My husband envisioned a quiet summer […]

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5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Learn About…Thailand

Thailand flag

Where in the world… Fun Facts 1. Thailand has over 1430 islands. That’s a lot of beaches! 2. Tuk-tuks are a popular way to get around crowded cities in Thailand. Essentially three-wheeled motorcycles with a […]

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Tales from the Road (Trip) … With Kids Part 6 (Asturias, Spain)

Playing in the tall grasses at Ca Lulon.

The end of our two-week road trip through Portugal and Spain had us living the farm life in Spain’s north central province of Asturias. Well, actually, the real end of the trip was in La […]

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How Umbria Changed My Travel Outlook


Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Erin, a partner here at Our Whole Village, and the newest mom to the group thanks to my little dude Nico, who turned eight months old yesterday. I want […]

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