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5 Tips for Stellar Glamping With Kids

glamping with kids

When it comes to family adventure, nothing beats exploring the Great Outdoors. Of course, if you’re not a huge fan of assembling tents and jumping into sleeping bags, you may have avoided one of the best ways to get back to nature, camping. Fortunately, glamping with kids splits the difference beautifully, offering comfortable options with plenty of amenities while still letting you explore the wild.

But what exactly is glamping, and why should your family give it a shot this year? Here’s what you need to know about this trending family travel option.

What Is Glamping?

The term “glamping” has become a buzzword in recent years. But what does it mean in practice? Technically, the word marks the intersection between camping and luxury. In other words, it’s glamorous camping. The concept lets you explore nature while enjoying all the modern amenities not typically afforded by tent camping.

For a variety of reasons, glamping exploded in 2020, and it continues to grow in popularity. After all, there’s no better way to get out of the house while still following CDC guidelines for social distancing. And it’s a great way to see the country while beating crowds. But how do you make sure your family will have the best experience possible? Here are some surefire tips to guarantee an enjoyable glamping experience for every member of your family.

1. Select an Amazing Location

Glamping is all about getting back to nature. So, it’s more important than ever that you choose a destination with exceptional scenery and the most luxurious amenities. Don’t settle for anything less than a location that places a premium on best practices in hygiene to ensure the safety of your family. What are some excellent family-friendly glamping options?

Get back to nature at a stunning coastal retreat with Ventana Big Sur located on the Monterey Peninsula. Or head to the Ranch at Rock Creek for rustic adventures in Montana’s open sky country. There’s also a multi-gen experience at Paws Up Resort, where the grandparents can catch up with your kids while you indulge in a night of adults-only glamping.

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2. Go One-Pot With Cooking

Glamping comes with different amenities depending on where you’re staying. While some resorts prove all-inclusive with meals included, other glamping sites incorporate fantastic cooking facilities into each tent. Opting for a tent with a kitchen represents an excellent way to budget family fare while accommodating food allergies and preferences.

But if you choose to cook yourself, commit to easy recipes that won’t have you slaving in the kitchen every evening. We recommend one-pot cooking, which will save on clean-up but still result in delectable creations. One-pot cookbooks abound, so find one you love and bring it along on your journey.

3. Pack Layers

Despite the upscale accommodations, glamping is still ultimately camping. That’s part of the charm of this activity. But this also means you’ll be spending more time outdoors. While stunning places like the Monterey Peninsula and Montana are natural locations for a gorgeous family retreat, temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day. For this reason, make sure family members pack plenty of clothes and dress in layers.

Even boiling days can descend into chilly evenings around the campfire. So, prepare for a wide array of activities and weather conditions. This advice goes for footwear as well. After all, sandals won’t cut it when horseback riding at a dude ranch or taking an extended hike along the Pacific Coast.

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4. Unplug and Get Back to Nature

Glamping comes with countless perks. But it’s still ultimately all about getting back to nature. For this reason, use it as a chance to unplug the whole family. After all, we’ve all become increasingly attached to our phones and other devices. Working remotely has only made us more available to members of our team and supervisors. Where once texting after work hours was a no-no, we’ve noticed a recent trend toward blurring the distinction between home and work life.

Fortunately, there’s no better opportunity to get off-grid and truly away from it all than glamping. So, warn employees and employers ahead of time that you’re heading into the wilderness and can’t be contacted. (Of course, dude ranches and other glamping locations have excellent Wi-Fi should an emergency arise, but choose wisely who you share this information with.) The same goes for encouraging kids to eschew screen time for outdoor time. Here are a few more tips to help you unplug as a family.

5. Pack the Marshmallows!

Unlike a hotel experience where a day spent in your room would be considered a waste, hanging out at camp comes with unique pleasures your family will cherish. We highly recommend planning at least one night around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and crafting s’mores. To make this tradition a bit healthier, check out this fun recipe for Fruit and S’Mores Cones.

And don’t forget to brush up on your tall tales and spooky stories. If somebody in your family plays a portable instrument (e.g. guitar, violin, harmonica), bring that along, too. Glamping marks the perfect occasion to get back to a true American pastime, entertaining each other around the campfire. And you’ll get to enjoy all of these fun aspects of camping while knowing you’ve got a warm, luxurious glamping tent to retire to (complete with a bathroom!) after the festivities have ended.

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Glamping With Kids

Glamping with kids lets you embrace the Great Outdoors without the hardships and deprivations of more traditional camping. It’s an excellent way to get back to nature and unplug while still enjoying the creature comforts you expect from a great family vacation. When you choose a breathtaking location with endless amenities, you’ll get pampered while creating incredible family memories.

Are you ready to find out what awaits your family on a glamping adventure? Let’s talk about the best destinations for a family glamping trip!

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