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Our Amazon Adventure: Hiking in the jungle

The sun rises at Madada. You’d think that all that excitement from the first day would have worn off a little bit after a restful night, but no. Their anticipation is palpable. After all, today we get to hike in primary forest and learn about the Amazon plants and wildlife.

Before we leave for our next stop, however, I take them up to the Madada viewpoint where they enjoy the view and talk about how they are spending the night up there on their next visit.

Madada viewpoint

The view is stunning. The humidity is high, but the air is still cool and so fresh.

Back on the boat, it is time to enjoy breakfast: a feast of freshly baked bread, cakes, cheese, tapioca, porridge and other local delicacies (did I mention the food is absolutely wonderful? I am salivating as I write this).

Hiking through old growth forest in the Amazon

Next up: our hike through the Madada trail. The round trip trek to the Madada caves takes about 3-4 hours.

The plan was to hike for about half an hour and I would return with one of the guides and the smaller children. Two hours into our hike and everyone (including my 3 year old) was still going strong.

Tito’s stories of the forest and all the incredible plants and animals that surround us are fascinating.

Hiking in the Amazon and learning about local plants Amazon wildlife Discovering the Amazon wildlife

Madada caves - Amazon

At the two hour mark I returned with my 3 year old, but the 4 and 5 year olds refused to turn back. When they arrived back on the boat Sofia declared: “it was marvelous”.

The rest of the day was spent swimming, fishing for piranhas and playing and jamming with new friends.

Fishing for piranhas in the Amazon

Jamming on the boat in the Amazon

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Hiking in the Brazilian Jungle with Kids


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  2. Cassie

    What country is Madada in? And what are the kids eating in the fourth photo?

    I’d love to visit the Amazon but haven’t made it there in our South American travels. One day!

    1. Patricia Monahan

      Hi Cassie! Madada is the name of the farm we visit along the Rio Negro, in Brazil. We fly into Manaus, then drive to Novo Airao, where the boat leaves from: https://ourwholevillage.com/traveling-brazil-with-kids-the-ultimate-family-travel-guide/
      The kids are tasting the sap of a tree that tastes like milk. 🙂

  3. Keryn from Walking On Travels

    I dream about exploring the Amazon with my boys. One of these days we will get there!

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