Eco-friendly Holiday Cards

I love all things paper. But I love trees even more. Every year it’s the same dilemma: should we send out holiday cards or not? Don’t get me wrong. I love receiving cards from our family and friends, especially the ones far away. Those I don’t get to see all year. It puts a smile […]

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Family Travel Bloggers Share Their Best Family Experiences for 2016

Can you believe it’s December? 2016 is just around the corner! To inspire a sense of joy and wonder for the new year I’ve asked 12 family travel bloggers to tell us about their most unforgettable family experience. Their experiences take us from Iceland to Hawaii, from Africa to Asia, winter through summer. And they’re […]

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Our Whole Village - Urban Hiking

Urban Adventures: City Hiking with Kids

Hiking does not require access to forest trails or mountaintops, nature preserves or valley fields. These are all great places for a trot through nature, but cities can offer some of the many same advantages when hiking with the kids. Commune with nature. The right route through a city can offer beautiful neighborhood gardens, grassy parks […]

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Are You Raising Caring Kids?

“What is the most important quality you want your kids to have?” We asked Our Whole Village’s awesome community this question and the answer was… KINDNESS. Closely followed by COMPASSION. And I couldn’t agree more. In the words of no other than the Dalai Lama, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If […]

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Multigenerational Travel: 10 Tips for a Successful Multigenerational Trip

Although far from a new concept, multigenerational travel (trips involving three generations or more) is on the rise. On the one hand, multigenerational family households are increasing. As reported in this article, “57 million Americans, or 18.1% of the population of the United States, lived in multi-generational family households in 2012, double the number who […]

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Unique Vacations: A Family Yoga Retreat

Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Pahimaam Sri Ganesha Sri Ganesha Sri Ganesha Rakshamaam I never thought I’d be waking up to the sound of my four-year-old singing this (or any) mantra, but that is just what happened yesterday. “At least one of us will be zen this summer” I thought, still drowsy, but with […]

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When Parenting Feels Like Groundhog Day

My good friend, and the founder of Our Whole Village, Patricia Monahan, wrote a blog post for Our Whole Village last year titled “Parent Like A Traveler.” The post, with its focus on mindful parenting, inspired me and motivated me. But, if I’m being completely honest, I also felt a twinge of, “oh man, I […]

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Japantown - Our Whole Village

Ethnic Neighborhoods Are the Perfect Fix for Cultural Wanderlust

Although my husband and I love to explore other cultures with our kids, we don’t have the time, the energy or the finances to jet off every weekend. Luckily, we live in San Francisco where several ethnic neighborhoods offer the perfect fix for our cultural wanderlust. On a recent weekend we decided to “travel” to […]

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When Our Plans Don’t Involve the Kids

I don’t travel alone much since I’ve had kids. In fact, I’m afraid I don’t do much of ANYTHING on my own these days… When I had my first baby, my loss of independence was certainly the biggest adjustment for me. Not the sleepless nights. Not the countless diaper changes. Not the painful first weeks breastfeeding. Hormones […]

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9 Compelling Reasons to Travel with Kids

Do you travel as a family? Are you always counting the days until your next adventure? Or do you feel overwhelmed and short of breath at the thought of leaving home with the kids for more than a few hours? Perhaps you’re waiting for the children to be a bit older so they will remember […]

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