Peruvian dishes

5 Delicious Peruvian Dishes You Need to Taste

From the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region to the tropical rainforests of the west, Peru is known for extreme biodiversity. When it comes to cuisine, Peruvian dishes reflect its vibrant history, culture, and local resources. Learn more about this delicious cuisine and what to order at a Peruvian restaurant. 1. Ceviche Practically Peru’s […]

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Brazil Family Vacation: Chapada Diamantina National Park

Imagine a land of red-rock mesas and verdant slopes. A land of quartzite cave systems featuring pristine lakes and subterranean rivers. A place where cake-like layers of arid sediment have been carved by water and wind into caverns and canyons. Chapada Diamantina National Park contains all of these amazing landscapes, making it a breathtaking spot […]

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family vacation photo album

5 Tips for a Fabulous Family Vacation Photo Album

Are the photos from your last family vacation still on a memory card? Do you have great intentions of creating a fabulous family vacation photo album but haven’t found the time?  Luckily, we’ve got the 5 tips you need to get back on track to creating memorable vacation photo albums quickly. 1. Tell A Story […]

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packing mistakes

5 Easy Fixes for Common Packing Mistakes

Packing for a trip can feel intimidating and stressful. Especially when you’re doing it for the whole family. Luckily, common packing mistakes are easily avoided if you know what to watch out for.   Here are five common travel packing errors and how to avoid them.   1. Not Having a Plan B   When […]

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Brazilian Foods

6 Brazilian Foods You Must Try

Brazil boasts vibrant cultures, thousands of miles of gorgeous coastline, and pristine wilderness. The abundance of natural resources and local cultures are reflected in delectable Brazilian food. Check out these six must-try foods from Brazil. 1. Moqueca Moqueca combines a tasty fish stew with a dramatic tableside presentation. It’s served in a piping hot clay […]

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global citizen

3 Ways to Raise a Global Citizen at Home

Inspiring your child to be a good global citizen doesn’t have to stop when the family vacation is over. Raising global citizens is an ongoing commitment that can and should continue well after the luggage gets unpacked. Want some creative ways to inspire your kiddo to be a citizen of the world year-round? Check out […]

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multicultural kids

3 World Music Resources for Multicultural Kids

You know why you want to raise multicultural kids. It increases their awareness of the world. And it helps them understand the inherent value of the global community. Travel opens kids’ eyes and minds to the world. But how do you keep the learning going at home? What’s one of the best ways to bring […]

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family travel

Overcoming Busyness with Family Travel

The mad rush to make it to every karate practice, soccer game, music lesson, and swim meet wears us thin. Between our work schedules, getting the kids to and from school, and extracurricular activities, there’s hardly time to enjoy a meal together, have a relaxing conversation with our spouse, or fit in family travel. Busyness […]

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travel with teens

Building Self-Esteem: Travel with Teens

Travel with teens is an indispensable tool for building self-esteem. It prepares them for greater independence, gives them much needed perspective, and helps them see just how big the world is. Below find out why travel is crucial to the development of happy, self-confident young adults. Factors that Influence Low Self-Esteem According to a survey […]

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digital detox

Do Your Kids Need a Digital Detox?

We’re in an electronics overload. Screens are everywhere. Our children are interacting online more than ever before. But what are the consequences of these new behaviors? Do our kids need a digital detox? Read on to learn more about the benefits of unplugging, and how it can make your kids happier and healthier. Get Outside! […]

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