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How Umbria Changed My Travel Outlook

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Erin, the newest mom to the group thanks to my little dude Nico, who turned eight months old yesterday. I want to start out this little get-to-know-you session by confessing some of my expectations for travel as a mom. You see, I joined the Our Whole Village team with […]

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The Reason We Travel

It is our last morning in Umbria, Italy. My 5-year old daughter is restless. Instead of playing with her new friends, she’s upset about wearing shorts over a dress, she’s whining about having to eat breakfast and finding any excuse to complain. She is naturally tired after a week packed with adventures. And what an […]

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Country Spotlight: 5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Learn About Italy

Where in the world… Fun Facts 1. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and located within Italy’s capital city, Rome. A country within a country! 2. The internationally known Baci (Italian for “kisses”) chocolates have been manufactured by the Perugina company in Perugia, Italy since 1922. These hazelnut chocolates, wrapped in love […]

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