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Lost in Translation

I love the fact that my daughters speak my native language – Portuguese.
Even though we have never lived in Brazil, Portuguese is still their first language (I guess it’s called mother tongue for a reason). Not for long, I realize, but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

However, no matter how good their Portuguese is, a little accent and a few misunderstandings are inevitable.

The latest funny episode took place last week in Brazil. A friend overheard the following conversation between my daughter Sofia (4.5) and her son Diego (4.5):
“What is your favorite food?” asked Sofia.
“Pizza!” said Diego. “How about yours?”
“Pasta is not foooooood! You’re nooooot allowwwed to swaaaaallow it!”
Pasta means toothpaste in Portuguese. ☺

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  1. nadja

    I enjoyed your post–would love to create a blogsite like this–how does one do it? Obrigado!

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