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The Magic of Disney

I will not try by any means to cover what to do or not do when you visit Disney World. This would be impossibly overwhelming for me and it is a post that I most definitely need to read, not write.

I am writing simply because I am amazed at just how much Disney has changed over the years. And yet, it is still the same.

Yes, I was shocked to see they took down Mickey’s house and replaced it with a whole new princess pavilion: Belle’s castle, Rapunzel’s tower, Ariel’s grotto… The princesses took over and they are here to stay.

Also, you can’t “just go” to Disney anymore. You must plan ahead, reserve breakfast, lunch and dinner, study fast pass strategies (now limited to 3 a day). It is quite insane.

Yet, when you are on that boat at “It’s a Small World” and your three-year old is singing and dancing and so excited she NEEDS to stand up, it is pure magic.

I thought of my brothers and how much they complained about that ride and hated me when I begged to go again (and again).

I certainly missed my parents, who were always so caring and devoted.
How powerful it must have been for them to experience all that for the first time with us.

And when you ride Space Mountain with your soon-to-be five-year old for the first time and she jumps with excitement because she wants to ride “AGAIN!!!”, you really do forget the lines, the bad food, the exorbitant prices…

Top it all off with a parade and fireworks and you’re as hooked as your kids.
Disney might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that it is a magical place. And we could all use a little bit of magic.

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