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Parenting for a Better World: Why We Need Global Citizens

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As if parenting weren’t demanding enough, raising a child today comes with an extra challenge.

We’re parenting our children for a world that is seamlessly connected in many ways, yet deeply divided in fundamental aspects.

Technology may bring us closer, but the psychological distance is more evident than ever.

The world craves peace, harmony and understanding. A farfetched goal unless we change the “us” vs “them” mentality that permeates our culture. And, yes, there’s science to back that up.

Perhaps our generation can’t help it, but there’s hope for future ones.

Sure, there’s still plenty of judgement and criticism (remember this post that went viral?), but there’s also a wave of inspiring moms and dads living parenthood more joyfully and consciously, and inviting others to do the same. Glennon and her honest and hilarious accounts of everyday life at Momastery, Rachel and her heartfelt messages at Finding Joy, the positive and no-punishment approach of Dr. Markham at Aha Parenting and Dr. Amy McCready at Positive Parenting Solutions, Cathy and Todd Adams’ uplifting Zen Parenting Radio podcast and, perhaps my favorite, Dr. Shefali and her teachings at Conscious Parenting. Just to name a few!

 Connection is what they all have in common.

And with that comes a sense of community, a real desire to re-establish “the village”.

But the village is now a global one, an intricate web of connections and interdependencies.

We need to raise children who are both self- and globally aware.  We need to show them how our individual choices and actions may affect people and communities near and far.

Ultimately, we want to raise citizens that are:


Empathetic individuals are attuned to the needs and feelings of others and the environment. They challenge preconceptions and prejudices by focusing on what they have in common with others rather than on what divides them.

Curious and open-minded

Global citizens are genuinely appreciative of other views, values and traditions. They show an active interest in learning and growing and are able to relate and work cross-culturally.

Kind and compassionate:

Generous and loving individuals know that small daily acts of kindness matter. They stand up for those who are vulnerable and have the will to serve and make a difference.

Fair and principled:

We want to raise children to have the ability to reflect on what is right and act with fairness and integrity. We want them to be honest and accept responsibility for their actions.

Resourceful and persevering:

Resourceful individuals are flexible and confident. They think creatively and persevere at trying times. They chase their dreams and learn from their mistakes.

Mindful and self-aware:

Mindful individuals are conscious of their essence and purpose and are true to themselves. They have a greater self-understanding and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, values and beliefs, taking time for what matters.

Perhaps the most important factor for a good global citizen is having a parent who believes in all of the above. A parent who is willing to model and nurture these values in their children, growing with them.

Are you in?
Download and share our family manifesto.

OWV Family Manifesto

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  1. Kelly Pietrangeli

    I love your manifesto! Such a great thing to hang on the fridge and serve as a reminder to parent more mindfully. x

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