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Have You Planned Your 2017 Family Vacation? Here Are Our Top 5 Destination Choices.

top family destinations for 2017

With Spring Break and summer vacation right around the corner, many families are planning for an unforgettable family holiday. If you are looking for the perfect family getaway in 2017, why not choose a vacation that will impact not only your family but also benefit others. Conscious traveling with a family has never been easier or more fulfilling. Here are our top five choices for traveling with purpose in 2017.

Madrid food tour with kidsMadrid

Madrid may be better known for its tapas than a paradise for children, but this culturally rich Spanish capital has a lot to offer for your family vacation. Through food and an authentic market experience, your family will be able to leave Madrid with a profound new understanding of the rich history and cultural heritage of the Madrileños.

You won’t want to miss out on the amazing food scene in Madrid. While tasting the local fares is a typical part of an international family vacation, Madrid’s food scene offers much more than just spectacular tasting opportunities. The history of Madrid’s century-old bars and restaurants will provide your family with the opportunity to actually taste your way through history. From learning about the history of Spain’s famed cured hams to stopping by locations that offer a glimpse into centuries-old food preparation techniques, your family will be immersed fully into a new and intriguing culture.

If you want a hands-on food experience, try one of Madrid’s paella cooking classes. These child-friendly classes provide families the opportunity to learn to make one of Madrid’s most famous dishes. While learning the tricks of the paella trade, you can explore the Antón Martín market for a glimpse of life as a local. In preparation for the class, all students take to the market to secure the items needed for their paella dish. The class coordinator will share the history of the paella dish and explain its place in Spanish culture.

Ready to explore the Spanish capital? Download our exclusive Madrid family travel guide here.


Many beach-goers head to Thailand to lay on the beach and to catch some sunshine, but Thailand has so much more to offer than just beach views. An amazing family vacation awaits in Thailand if you venture away from the tourist beaches into the heart of this spectacular country. Thailand has a rich culture waiting for your to explore on your next family vacation. From trekking through ancient ruins to spending time learning about the plight of the Asian elephant, there is plenty of learning opportunities awaiting your family in Thailand.

Our ideal Thailand family holiday would include stops at the ancient ruins at Ayuthaya, learning about Asian elephants in Chiang Mai, swimming under spectacular waterfalls in Erawan National Park and taking a boat tour down a Bangkok waterway. In addition to the endless opportunities to take in the natural surroundings of Thailand, spending time immersing yourself in the local culture through village homestays is also an unforgettable experience.

Morocco Camel Riding AdventureMorocco

Morocco is likely not the first country that comes to mind when planning a family holiday but considering the unique mix of European, African and Middle Eastern culture in the area, it may very well be the most spell-binding vacation that your family has the opportunity to experience. For the lovers of the outdoors, planning a Sahara family camping adventure may be exactly what you are looking for in a family vacation. Take a camel trek across the Morocco cross into the breathtaking Sahara desert. You can camp under the stars while taking in the dramatic Morocco landscape.

If camping isn’t your style, a trip from Marrakech to old pirate port of Essaouira is a great way to take in the Moroccan culture. Be sure to visit Agadir as well where you can journey through fruit and argan tree forests, where there is a chance of seeing goats climbing in the trees – a bizarre natural phenomenon that makes for a great photo opportunity. Reach the Atlantic Coast and enjoy a swim, a picnic lunch and an afternoon spent relaxing on the beach.


Did you know that Brazil has the largest fresh water forest in the world? If you are looking for a truly unique family vacation that will provide you access to nature like never before, the Brazilian Amazon should top your list. From seeing monkeys, sloths and river dolphins to being greeted by locals in the river communities, your family won’t soon forget their time exploring the Amazon on this 5-day Jaú National Park expedition and cruise.

The Anavilhanas is another great natural stop in Brazil. One of the largest river archipelago in the world, Anavilhanas is the main attraction of the lower Rio Negro. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will help your children make wonderful connections with the world and its people, learning important lessons of respect, diversity and conservation.

costa_rica_monteverde_cloud_forest_19Costa Rica

Just because you’ve settled down and had kids it doesn’t mean your adventuring days are over. A trip to Costa Rica includes something for everyone in the family. From kayaking and paddle-boarding in La Fortuna, to hiking in Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve (Monteverde) and Manuel Antonio NP and tortilla making with the locals, this Costa Rica Family Experience is our top choice for active families who enjoy nature and real-life experiences.

Tour The American West

Wanting to spend your family vacation in the United States but not sure how to make the most of your vacation time? Consider a tour of the great American west! The perfect mix of big city fun and natural wonders awaits you on this Western USA family holiday. From soaking up some sun on the Hollywood walk of fame to exploring the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon, taking a trek from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can prove an unforgettable family vacation. We suggest stops at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, swimming next to America’s London Bridge at Lake Havasu, taking some surfing lessons at beaches in San Diego and riding the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel.

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(3) Comments

  1. Kelly Pietrangeli

    Having been to ALL of those destinations (yay!) I will totally agree with 4 of these! (Didn’t have such a lovely experience of Morocco )The place I would add as my 5th is Tulum, Mexico. We had such an amazing family holiday there with another family. A great combo of culture (the Mayan ruins and pyramids), wildlife (it sits right on the edge of an incredible biosphere), theme parks (in natural, not ‘fake’ settings), beaches, ocean, delicious food (and margaritas…) and overall fun vibe. We are going back to Southern California and Mexico (a surf camp near Cabo San Lucas this time) this summer!

    1. Patricia Monahan

      Hi Kelly! Did you have a guide when you were in Morocco? It is one of those places where having a local guide makes ALL the difference.
      Tulum sounds dreamy and the surf camp in Cabo will be so much fun!
      We’re hoping to add family diving camps to our portfolio soon. 😉

      1. Kelly Pietrangeli

        Actually you’re right – we didn’t have a guide and thinking about it now, it would have made a world of difference. I didn’t know about your tours then! Look forward to info about your family diving camps. We are most into snorkelling and surfing.

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