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10 Travel-Themed Crafts for Kids

travel-themed crafts for kids

Sometimes a family vacation isn’t in the cards, but that doesn’t mean your children can’t experience the world from the comfort of your home. Travel-themed crafts for kids abound, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. From shiny map magnets to passport stamp bingo, these ten arts and crafts for kids are sure to keep little hands busy while piquing a lifelong interest in the world.

As your kids learn more about travel, geography, and other cultures through these easy crafts for kids, you’ll also be doing your part to raise open-hearted, curious global citizens.

1. Shiny Map Magnets

This fun craft is perfect for school-aged kids. Start by having your children glue pieces of a map to wooden disks with Mod Podge. After applying a glaze to the map paper to give it an irresistible shine, adhere magnets to the back. Voilà! Your kids have created magnet masterpieces. Get the full instructions.

global citizens
© How About Orange

2. Passport Stamp Bingo

Why not revamp the game of Bingo with travel-related images? Start by creating Bingo cards in a Word document that you print out. Let your kids decorate each square (except the “FREE” center) with a travel-themed sticker. Next, create a deck of cards with the same travel stickers. To play, draw one card and show it during each round. Here’s the full breakdown of how to make and play this fun take on Bingo. For older kids, change it up by using international flag stickers and call out each country’s name. Talk about a fun geography lesson!

crafts for kids
© Pink Room Therapy Designs

3. 3D Salt Dough Maps

There’s nothing kids love more than getting their hands dirty. Kid World Citizen’s fantastic salt dough maps let them do just that while crafting 3D maps of various parts of the world. Best of all, once the dough dries, your kids can paint their map, adding mountains, roads, lakes, rivers, and other features. Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

arts and crafts for kids
© Kid World Citizen

4. DIY Travel Brochures

One of the best ways to teach your kids about a new destination? Engage them in interactive learning. That’s what you’ll do with this fun travel brochure craft. It can be tailored to suit kids of any age and will help them learn about amazing destinations all over the globe. Start by having your kids pick a destination and then get information about it using an age-appropriate atlas. After they’ve learned more about their destination’s specifics, it’s time to showcase that knowledge through a travel brochure. Here’s our printable research guide and  template to help you get started.

travel brochure craft
© Our Whole Village

5. Time to Pack Your Suitcase

Although classified as a holiday travel craft, this activity is great for younger kids and can be adjusted to suit any occasion or time of year. In essence, you’ll use construction paper, markers, glue, and cut-outs from magazines to let kids pick a destination and then decide what they’re going to pack. Find out more.

travel craft for kids
© No Time for Flash Cards

6. World Flag Garland

Kids will love making these world flag garlands, and you’ll be amazed by the fascinating conversations sparked by their exploration of flags from all over the world. With just a few items, including construction paper, scissors, glue, some twine, and a world flag atlas to inspire them, you’ll soon have an international art studio on your hands. Check out the instructions.

flag craft for kids
© Art Bar

7. Mommy and Me Travel Journal

There’s nothing like reflecting on a fantastic family vacation. Well, except for scrapbooking about the trip, that is! The Mommy and Me Travel Journal is an excellent way to get kids involved with crafts while allowing them to cherish great memories. Check out this fun example for inspiration.

mommy and me travel scrapbook
© Art Beads

8. DIY Globe Garland

Do you have some old maps lying around that you’re considering tossing? Why not let your kids turn them into a DIY globe garland instead? In the process, they’ll master the art of folding origami globes with gorgeous results. When strung on twine, they make for the perfect decoration for a future world traveler’s room. Here’s where to start.

Globe Garland Craft for Kids
© Poppy Talk

9. Backyard Destination Signs

While this craft is more involved and will require pieces of wood and a little basic assembly, it also makes for one of the most adorable backyard signs we’ve seen in recent years. Besides wood pieces, you’ll also need some paint and a phone handy to do some map searches to get mileages. Let your kids help you choose the destinations to include on the sign. From Disneyland to Timbuktu, you’re in for sign-making fun. Find out more about this whimsical craft.

travel arts and crafts for kids
© Fresh Picked Whimsy

10. Paper Hawaiian Lei

Crafting Hawaiian paper leis requires supplies found easily around the house. Yet, the results will make you feel like throwing a luau. Assembling each lei will also help children develop their creativity and motor skills. Get the instructions.

DIY Hawaiian lei
© Jamie | The Crafting Chicks

Travel-Themed Crafts for Kids

Just because a family vacation isn’t in your immediate future doesn’t mean there aren’t beautiful ways to learn more about the world and other cultures while at home. The ten travel-themed crafts for kids showcased above will get your kids excited about other countries and cultures around the world. Share your creations with us @ourwholevillage.

Looking for more fun craft ideas? Check out our posts on geography activities and crafts, ocean-themed crafts, multicultural crafts, and around-the-world crafts.

At Our Whole Village, we craft transformational trips for curious families who want to create lasting memories while making a difference. We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its people, and its cultures. Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable journeys that we curate for adventure-seeking families just like yours.

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