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3 Reasons a Homestay Enriches Family Adventure

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Do you want to open your children’s hearts and minds to new cultures and experiences? Are you actively encouraging your kids to be better global citizens? For deeper cultural (and linguistic) immersion, consider a homestay during your next family adventure.

When organized through a reputable company, homestays offer safe, affordable accommodations for the whole family. What’s more, they let you and your family gain perspective while enriching your family travel.

1. Live like a Local

Staying with a local family in a rural village allows you and your kids to immerse yourself fully in a destination’s day-to-day life. Surrounded by an authentic environment, you’ll experience local culture profoundly. You’ll have the chance to walk in other’s shoes, gaining new perspectives and insight into your own life and place in the world.

According to National Geographic Traveler, “The best way to discover the similarities–and differences–in a new destination is on a homestay.” A homestay will transform your family vacation from a fun tourist activity into a deeply meaningful experience.

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2. Make New Friends

You’ll be amazed by how your children blossom during a homestay. Kids come with a hefty dose of curiosity, and this helps them overcome obstacles (such as shyness) quickly. They have an open heart to new experiences.

As a result, you’ll be surprised by how rapidly your kids start interacting and playing with local children. Even where language barriers exist, your children will overcome these through the universal language of play.

3. Gain Perspective

Witnessing and participating in everyday life in a village will reorient your beliefs about the world. We tend to lead more isolated lives than ever before. We’re surrounded by electronics and a thousand other distractions, which interfere with human interactions and relationships.

The result? We lose little pieces of our humanity through isolation, and we lose faith in our fellow human beings. When you experience the hospitality of locals and interact with them in meaningful ways, you’ll regain this faith. You’ll also deepen your appreciation for a slower way of life, integrated into a community.

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A Homestay Family Adventure

Homestays allow you and your family to experience life as locals rather than tourists. They let you expand your social network and make lifelong friends. You’ll gain perspective and a new view of the world.

You and your family will walk away from a homestay amazed by how much all human beings have in common. Kids around the world love to play. Mothers across the globe share the same love for their children. A homestay will enrich your next family adventure and change your life.

At Our Whole Village, we create tours carefully designed for families who want to create lasting memories. We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its peoples, and cultures.

Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable experiences that we handcraft for families just like yours. We offer itineraries with optional homestays that allow you and your family to experience the thrill of cultural immersion.

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