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A Fun, Boredom-Free School Break for Multicultural Children

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Winter break comes with many exciting highs: decorating for the holidays, making and eating lots of food, visits with family, and opening presents. But it also involves some serious downtime, especially in the stretch between the 25th and New Year’s Day.

How do you keep kiddos happy and entertained once the joy of playing with shiny, new toys wears off? Instead of wishing for the beginning of school to hurry up and get here, check out this list of fun school break ideas for multicultural children.

Visit a Museum

Make exploration your theme for the day by going to a museum with your little ones. From children’s museums to art museums to historical societies, each of these institutions offers unique learning experiences for kids. Museums teach empathy and critical thinking. They provide immersive, hands-on educational experiences. They provoke imagination and introduce kids to unknown subjects and faraway places.

Museums allow for authentic learning moments. They provide a space for experimentation, inspiration, reflection, and creativity. Museums also include cultural components that can help open our children’s eyes to different perspectives and ideas. Early exposure to museums fosters curiosity in kids to learn more about the people and things that make up our world.

multicultural children
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Try New Cuisine

A foray into uncharted food territory is always a fun way to introduce little ones to new cultures and traditions. Google ethnic restaurants in your town (or other nearby cities) and find one with great reviews and a kid-friendly atmosphere. Prepare your kids for the experience by looking over the online menu together and discussing what they might like to order. (This will also help pickier eaters prepare to try new things.)

To augment the experience and make it feel more like a mini-getaway, teach your kids how to say “hello” and “thank you” in the language associated with the restaurant you’re visiting. It’s a great way to interact with your server, too. For older kids, talk about how food is usually eaten in the culture associated with the restaurant (e.g. chopsticks, flatbread, fingers, family-style versus individual dishes). It’s also fun to discuss why certain foods are eaten in certain places based on history, climate, religion, and etc.

multicultural children
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Host a World Music Party

There’s nothing like catchy tunes and world music beats to get you and your kids in a multicultural mood. At Our Whole Village, we’ve put together a fun International Party Mix to inspire you and your little ones to get moving. So, clear some floor space and get ready for a world music-inspired family dance party. You’ll raise your family’s activity level while exposing them to hits from all over the world.

Looking for more hits to keep the party jumping? Mix it up with visuals by checking out Kid World Citizen’s list of 25 kid-appropriate music videos from all over the world. Your little ones will have fun wiggling and jamming along to the music while gaining exposure to instruments, costumes, landscapes, and people from all over the world.

multicultural children
© Yann | Wikimedia Commons

Experience an Ethnic Shop or Neighborhood

Does your city (or one nearby) have ethnic neighborhoods and shops that you could visit with your kids? Like a Chinatown, Japantown, or Germantown? Or perhaps you’ve got an ethnic or international market? These make great spots to check out diverse cultures without traveling too far.

As you and your kids move through a specific neighborhood or store, use your five senses to discuss your experiences. What does it smell like? What do you see? How does a product feel? Do you see product labels or signs in different languages? Or, maybe hear other languages spoken around you? Are there any baked goods or candies you’d like to taste? Let curiosity be your guide on this fun excursion close to home.

multicultural kids
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School Break Activities for Multicultural Children

Winter break doesn’t have to get boring. Instead, use it as a time for you and your multicultural children to get out there and experience new things. Your next adventure is just as close as your nearest museum, ethnic restaurant, or ethnic neighborhood. And when the weather’s really lousy? Then, turn up the volume and let the international dance party begin.

At Our Whole Village, raising multicultural kids is our passion. We create transformational trips for curious families who want to create lasting memories while making a difference. We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its peoples, and its cultures. Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable experiences that we handcraft to introduce kids to the world and raise good global citizens.

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