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Our Amazon Adventure

We’ve been back for a few weeks now. But the Amazon never really left us.

Between busy school days, weekend trips and birthday parties, the girls (and their parents) are still entranced with our Amazonian experience. They miss their new friends. They still talk about all the animals they saw, the hikes in the jungle, the swimming in the river. And there’s been talk about living on that boat…

Truly a life-changing experience.

Boarding the Jacare-Acu
Boarding the Jacare-Acu

Our journey took us from Novo Airao, on the Rio Negro, 180 km from Manaus, Brazil, to the Xixuau Reserve, on the border of Waimiri-Atroari indian territory, on the Jauaperi River.

We were four families with seven kids aboard the Jacaré-Açu, a regional-style boat, entirely crafted in wood, spacious, gorgeous and very comfortable.

A visit to the Samauma
A visit to the Samauma

The cruise is operated by Our Whole Village’s local partner, which specializes in social-ecological and low impact expeditions in the region. On this expedition, we get to see first-hand the extent of their contributions to the region.

The VivAmazonia school and the turtle conservation project are perfect examples of how responsible travel can positively impact the lives of local communities (and certainly deserve their own post).

Learning about the turtle conservation project at VivAmazonia
Learning about the turtle conservation project at VivAmazonia

The experience is entirely customized for Our Whole Village families and their kids. The itinerary offers a perfect balance between integration with nature and community-based tourism, while keeping the children’s pace in mind.

Hiking in old-growth forest
Hiking in old-growth forest

We hiked in primary forests, we went fishing for piranhas, we swam in the river and enjoyed its beaches, we enjoyed a Carnaval party with the kids in Moura and visited local schools.

Canoeing at the Xixuau Reserve
Canoeing at the Xixuau Reserve
Carnaval in Moura
Carnaval in Moura

During the next few weeks, I will be sharing more photos and telling you more about our adventure.

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Our Amazon Adventure: family trip on the Amazon river in Brazil

For now, here’s the video with the highlights of our expedition. 

I hope you like it!

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  1. Keryn from Walking On Travels

    This looks incredible! We still have not gotten to South America but it is at the top of my list, esp. since the baby isn’t so much a baby anymore!

  2. Hilarye

    Looks awesome! Love the visual of the kids and the tree!

  3. Shaz Harrison

    Awesome blog and video of your trip. I look forward to more details in future blogs. How lucky for the children.

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