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The Best Transformational Family Adventures for 2018

The new year has arrived!

We’re renewing our wishes for a life of meaningful travel that can help us raise good global citizens and make a difference in the world.

If you are looking for the perfect family getaway in 2018, why not choose a vacation that will impact not only your family but also benefit others?

A small group departure also means:

    • You get the perfect balance between included activities and your own “family time”.
    • You make new connections, discover different perspectives and forge lasting friendships, the ones that stay with you long after you’ve returned home.
    • We’re able to source everything locally: food, guides and lodging. So you know your dollars are staying and directly benefiting the destination you visit.

We’re looking forward to 2018 and have been working hard to develop new and exciting itineraries. Here is an overview of where we’re traveling with purpose in 2018.

We hope you and your family will come along for the journey!

Gray Whales & Sea Turtle Conservation in Baja

Over President’s Week, we’ll experience the wonder of these charismatic marine species from a research camp in Magdalena Bay. Our local hosts will treat us to the finest in regional cuisine and inform us on their flora, fauna and local conservation efforts.

This jewel of the Pacific, just a few hours between Loreto and La Paz, is home to a staggering number of marine and aviary species, lush mangrove canals and towering sand dunes.

We’ll work alongside fishermen and conservationists in a project recognized as a model for community efforts to protect endangered species and habitat.

Contact us for more information.

Brazilian Amazon River Cruise

A life-changing expedition for adventurers big and small.

This truly unique family vacation combines nature with important lessons of respect, diversity and conservation.

Being on a boat is an adventure in and of itself and it allows you access to nature and remote communities like never before. We’re headed to Jau National Park, the largest freshwater forest park in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wildlife is abundant and scenery is jaw-dropping; and yet it is still relatively unexplored by tourism.

We’ll hike through primary forest and learn about the jungle, spot cayman at night, fish for piranhas, visit a turtle conservation project, a school in Cachoeira, and much more.

Learn More Here

Trekking in Chapada Diamantina & Salvador

Located in the heart of the state of Bahia in Brazil, Chapada Diamantina feels like an oasis in the wilderness. It offers table-top mountains, canyons, valleys, trails, caves and the most impressive Brazilian waterfalls.

A stop at culturally-rich Salvador for some drums, capoeira lessons makes this adventure complete.

Learn More Here

Homestay & Adventure in Costa Rica

For Spring Break, we’re headed to Costa Rica to discover real life experiences and enjoy the best adventures the country has to offer.

A homestay will allow us to spend quality time with the locals, volunteering at the school, sharing stories and enjoy a cooking class with our hosts. The rest of the trip is packed with adventures in Arenal and Manuel Antonio. Think white water rafting, ziplining, wildlife observation…

Contact us for more information.

Peru Family Adventure

This summer, we’re headed to this year’s bucket list destination!

Our local guides will lead us through the Amazon Jungle in search of monkeys, parrots, otters and caymans, help us discover the mysterious Machu Picchu, and lead us through the best places in Cuzco and Lima.

We’ll spend time with the local artisans, farmers and townsfolk of the Sacred Valley and learn about old techniques of dyeing, spinning and weaving the alpaca wool, visit local markets, make chocolate and more.

Learn More Here


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  1. Renee Dineen

    Can’t wait to hear all about them! Each of them sounds magical.

  2. Kelly Pietrangeli

    I continue to love what you’re doing to promote exciting family adventures where kids can learn about the world by experiencing it fully!

  3. Austin Gardner

    We totally agree that these trips with young kids are incredibly powerful in shaping their minds and a sense for adventure!! They all sound amazing! The one of Peru seems awesome hanging out with the little sheep!

    Formative Adventures

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