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Chow Down: Delicious Peruvian Food for Kids

Peruvian food for kids

Let’s face it. Traveling with “hangry” kids — or adults, for that matter — is no fun. Low blood sugar leads to tears, tantrums, and tiredness. None of which make for ideal travel companions. Yet, getting little ones to try new dishes while traveling abroad can sometimes feel like a tug of war. That is unless you’ve got the inside scoop on foreign dishes your kids will devour.

So, here’s our rundown of the best Peruvian food for kids based on countless family adventures to the Land of the Incas.

The Peruvian Classic Kids Love

The culinary proposition is simple when it comes to Aji de Gallina. A chicken dish crafted using Peru’s famous, bright yellow Aji Amarillo peppers, its light spiciness keeps the dish from descending into boredom. Yet, that interesting little kick of flavor won’t likely set off red flags for picky eaters.

Peruvian food for kids
© 10 [email protected] kimi | Wikimedia Commons

What’s more, its creamy yellow sauce derives from an ingenious blending of bread, cheese, and milk, staple foods for many a childhood. Served over boiled yellow potatoes and rice, it’s gentle enough for any kid yet complex enough to captivate your tastebuds, too.

Peruvian-Style Fast Food

Peruvian-style burgers will satisfy your children’s craving for familiar foods while still providing a fresh (and healthier) take on fast food. Served with Aji sauce, roasted peppers, and fried potatoes, they’re a total crowd-pleaser. On a side note, Aji sauce complements a wide variety of meat dishes including steak. Don’t wait until you travel to Peru to get on board when it comes to this condiment. Here’s a recipe to get you started.

Peruvian food for kids
© Sebastián LP elmundoderabbitlp | Wikimedia Commons

What’s another surefire option when ordering food for kids in Peru? Salchipapas. A staple of Peruvian cuisine, it represents a simple mixture of salchichas (sausage) and papas (potatoes). It’ll put a smile on any kid’s face and power them through an afternoon filled with adventures. And if you need help in the enticing department, you can simply explain the dish as hot dogs with French fries. Although more of a Latin American dish than a specifically Peruvian one, it’ll get you out of a tight pinch when hunger-related meltdowns are brewing.

Peruvian food for kids
© Jorge G. Mori | Wikimedia Commons

Noodling Around

Most kids love noodles, and you can use this to your advantage in Peru. You see, many Peruvian dishes rely on noodles as a fundamental ingredient. From Peruvian-style spaghetti with pesto, Tallarines Verdes, to pasta topped with huancaína, a cheesy cream sauce, you’ve got plenty of options.

Peruvian food for kids
© Alan Córdova Silva | Wikimedia Commons

And if your kids develop a serious hankering for huancaína sauce? Then, make sure they give the iconic dish Papa a la Huancaína a try. This glorious mixture of huancaína sauce over boiled Peruvian potatoes and hard boiled eggs is both rich and warming.

Peruvian food for kids
© Javier Impelluso Luzardo | Dreamstime.com

Delectable Desserts

Of course, no breakdown of Peruvian food for kids would be complete without talking about a few sweet treats worth trying. For a satisfying dessert without a lot of sugar, give Mazamorra Morada try. This popular Peruvian delight is made from fruit and purple corn and will please just about any sweet-loving palate.

Peruvian food for kids
© Mover el Bigote | Wikimedia Commons

There are also picarones, the Peruvian version of doughnuts. Made primarily from sweet potato and squash, they represent a healthier option than traditional American pastries. Finally, Peru boasts a wide variety of locally-sourced chocolates, fruits, and nuts.

Peruvian food for kids
© Renzo Vallejo | Wikimedia Commons

Peruvian Food for Kids

From Aji de Gallina to Salchipapas, there’s no end to yummy Peruvian food for kids. What’s more, the Peruvian reliance on local vegetables and fruits translates into nutritious dishes sure to satisfy without causing a sugar rush.

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