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Go Irish: 10 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to dive into some fun Irish-inspired crafts for kids. There are so many delightful ways to celebrate this holiday, from shamrock-inspired footprint art to iconic leprechaun traps and mini pots of gold perfect for the end of the rainbow.

You’ll enjoy displaying these colorful creativities in your house, and your kids will have a blast putting them together. So, let’s dive into these easy-to-make, adorable St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids.

1. Shamrock Footprint Art

We can really get behind creations that incorporate children’s feet or handprints into the final product. Not only do these St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids let your little ones explore their artistic side, but this Shamrock Footprint Art provides a record of how much they’ve grown. Of course, you’ll have a bit of extra mess to clean up, so plan a bath for your kid following this fun craft. Here’s what you need and how to get started.

St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids
© Crafty Morning

2. Pot of Gold Hanging Mobile

Are you ready to hang this adorable craft in your windowpane? Made from gold or mini yellow poms-poms, this pot of gold may not glitter, but it will get your kids dreaming about what sits at the end of the rainbow. It also does a standout job hanging from a door frame or a shelf. Not only will your kids have a blast creating it, but you’ll cherish the finished product. If you’d like to design your own “rainbow connection,” head to Country Living for all of the details.

St. Patrick’s Day crafts
© Country Living

3. Candy Cauldrons

Constructing Candy Cauldrons let your little leprechauns get their hands on pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. That said, you’ll need to purchase a few select items for this activity. They include mini cauldrons (check Amazon for two-inch versions), gold coins, rainbow sticks, and other delicious treats. Head to White House Crafts for the full directions as well as a free printable rainbow template to crown each cauldron.

easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts
© White House Crafts

4. Shamrock Toilet Paper Roll Stamp

There’s nothing we love more than a craft that lets us create while reusing and recycling. (It’s also handy to find an activity that relies on a few simple items found around the house.) For example, you can transform a simple toilet paper roll into a heart stamp with a simple folding trick and some tape. (A paper towel roll works, too.) Then, grab some green paint, put it on a paper plate, and start dipping your “stamp” to create shamrock art. Get the full instructions at the Crafty Morning.

St. Patty’s Day crafts
© Crafty Morning

5. Painted Rocks: Shamrocks and Gold Nuggets

When it comes to activities that you can complete with things found around the house, painted rocks always sit squarely at the top of our list. But you can take them to the next level with these Celtic-themed stones. To make these beautifully painted pieces, you and your kids will need some paint (especially green and gold), paintbrushes, and a handful of smooth rocks that you’ve collected and washed. Check out the tutorial for more inspiration at Sustain My Craft Habit.

St. Patty’s Day crafts
© Sustain My Craft Habit

6. Pot o’ Gold Mason Jar Gift Idea

If you’re looking for easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts replicable using everyday items, don’t forget about these Pot o’ Gold Mason Jars. You and your kids will fill each jar with an assortment of gold coins and then decorate containers with heart-filled, rainbow-inspired messages. So, start saving old spaghetti sauce and olive jars (or buy new canning jars). Then, head to Polka Dot Chair to print out free tags and get all of the specs.

crafts for kids
© Polka Dot Chair

7. Paper Potted Shamrocks

Origami represents an excellent way to help kids with fine motor skills while letting them explore their creativity through papercrafts. But few origami activities prove as cute as these Paper Potted Shamrocks. To “fold” them, you’ll need origami paper, floral wire, a hot glue gun, floral foam, and a few other supplies available at a craft store. Paper Potted Shamrocks require plenty of adult supervision and assistance, but you’ll love the finished products. Go to Design Improvised to get started.

crafts for families
© Design Improvised

8. Leprechaun Handprints

When it comes to St. Patty’s Day crafts, your kids will fall in love with these leprechauns created using their own handprints. Be sure to double or triple up on the materials needed to make these handprint creations so that you can pass them out to all of your family members while keeping a copy to go with your children’s keepsakes. Here’s what you need to bring these eclectic leprechaun handprints to life.

leprechaun handprints
© Crafty Morning

9. Leprechaun Trap

No St. Patrick’s Day would be complete without setting up a leprechaun trap. Many fun and imaginative versions of this “trap” exist. But this year, we’re recommending the trap detailed at Fickle Pickle. Why? Because it’s super easy to set up with household items (e.g., a bucket, sticks, candy, and a clothes hamper). But if anything could capture one of those pesky, emerald-wearing critters, we’re guessing this is it.

leprechaun trap
© Fickle Pickle

10. Fruit Loop Rainbows

If you’re looking for colorful St. Patrick’s Day crafts, nothing tops this Fruit Loop Rainbow. Best of all, you need little more than glue, paper, cotton balls, and fruit loops to begin. Your kids will build their motor skills and creativity while making these, and the finished pieces will provide a pop of color that’ll liven up your home throughout the springtime. Jenny Irvine came up with the concept, and you can watch her tutorial here.

rainbow craft
© Jenny Irvine

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

The kid-friendly crafts above will inspire your whole family. They’ll also get your children in the Irish spirit this March. Which rainbow or leprechaun-themed art will you and your kids try first? Let us know! Post your finished St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids to the Our Whole Village Facebook page. We’d love to highlight your family’s creativity.

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