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5 International Spring Crafts for Kids

spring crafts for kids

As temperatures climb and kids start counting down to the end of school, you might be looking for new ways to keep little hands busy while opening young minds to fresh experiences. Fortunately, celebrations abound in the springtime. From Passover to Holi, Easter to Cinco de Mayo and Koinobori, spring brings with it more than rain showers and bright flowers. It’s also a time of celebration worldwide.

International spring crafts for kids represent an excellent opportunity to teach your children about other cultures and the festivals they celebrate. What’s more, you’ll end up with vibrant seasonal décor in the process.

Here are some of our favorite springtime crafts to get you and your kids inspired to explore global cultures from the comfort of your home.

1. Passover Crafts for Kids

The Jewish holiday of Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) commemorates the Hebrews’ escape from slavery in Egypt as told in the Book of Exodus. The holiday lasts for seven days and begins with the Passover Seder, a feast held on the first night. During the seder, families gather together to read out of the Haggadah (a book of blessings and selections from Holy Scripture). During the reading, they eat a traditional meal including matzah (unleavened bread), bitter herbs, parsley, and a hard boiled egg.

Passover week came early this year (March 27-April 4), but spring still proves an excellent time to learn about this holiday so rich in cultural traditions. What are some fun craft ideas to help introduce your kids to this tradition? Try making these adorable Elijah Cups using colored string and tacky glue from @rachelsartclub on Instagram. Or consider an ironic nod to one of the ten plagues that hit Egypt in the famed Exodus story by folding these origami frogs by Origami.me with your little ones.

Passover crafts for kids
© Instagram | @rachelsartclub

2. Holi Crafts for Kids

Celebrated every spring in the Hindu world, Holi commemorates the coming of warmer temperatures and hopes of fertile land and plentiful harvests. The holiday also symbolizes the beginning of new things, signified by the bursts of brightly dyed, scented powder and colored water thrown into the air (and at each other) during festivities. On the eve of the event, participants light bonfires. And on the day of the holiday, sweets get exchanged in the street (along with colored powder and water).

This year, India, Pakistan, and Nepal celebrated Holi on March 28 and 29, although we say it’s never too late to get in on the rainbow-colored fun. Learn how to make these safe, natural Holi colors at home, perfect for throwing outside. Or, if you’d prefer something you won’t be washing out of your hair, consider this Holi Art Project from Multicultural Kid. You’ll still need to head outdoors to make it, but the mess won’t be airborne.

Holi crafts for kids
© Multicultural Kid

3. Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter (Pascha in Latin) is a Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. The seven days before Easter are often referred to as “Holy Week.” Like Passover, the dates for Easter change from year to year because it’s a moveable feast. Besides this holiday’s religious symbolism, there are also many traditions observed by people across the US and world. They include decorating eggs, throwing Easter egg hunts, parades, and visits from the Easter Bunny.

While dyeing eggs is the be-all-and-end-all for many families on Easter, why stop there? Instead, consider making these adorable Popsicle Stick Easter Bunnies from The Best Ideas for Kids. Or give this fun Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Craft a try, which lets your kids learn about the value of reusing and recycling.

Easter crafts for kids
© The Best Ideas for Kids

4. Cinco de Mayo Crafts for Kids

Cinco de Mayo (“the Fifth of May” in Spanish) commemorates the French Army’s defeat at the hands of the Mexican Army during the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This annual celebration showcases many marvelous aspects of local culture, from delicious cuisine to toe-tapping music and lots of traditional dancing. While you may already nosh on south-of-the-border-inspired eats on this day, why not add crafts for kids to the mix?

To bring the vibrance and flair of the festival and its dancers to your home, consider making these festive Paper Rosettes and Señoritas from Denna’s Ideas. You’ll find the printables you need to create the colorful display of dancers at the link above. Once completed, this craft is perfect as a centerpiece for your Cinco de Mayo meal. Your kids will also love making these creative Mexican Sarapes from Learn Create Love, which rely on recycled brown paper bags and craft paints to design wearable art.

Cinco de Mayo crafts for kids
© Denna’s Ideas

5. Koinobori

Koinobori or Children’s Day is celebrated in Japan on May 5. If you happen to be in “The Land of the Rising Sun” on this day, you’ll see colorful streamers painted to look like fish flying above homes across the nation. Many Japanese families fly one streamer for each family member, which means there’s no better way to commemorate this holiday than by making and flying carp windsocks.

There are many fun ways to make flying fish creations. Some involve fabric, such as this Koinobori for Children’s Day craft from Little Passports. Or you can reuse and recycle with this Toilet Paper Roll Koinobori from DLTK’s Sites for Kids. Trust us. No one will ever guess what these fish streamers are made from.

Koinobori crafts for kids
© DLTK’s Crafts for Kids

Spring Crafts for Kids

These spring crafts for kids will help your family ring in warmer temperatures and the season of new beginnings. At the same time, they represent wonderful opportunities to engage your children with the world, encouraging them to learn about other cultures. Whether you’re in the backyard throwing around homemade Holi colors or proudly flying Koinobori streamers from your house, your children will gain a greater appreciation of other cultures through these artistic activities.

Are you ready to explore the world in other ways? Check out our other posts on travel-themed crafts for kids and travel from home ideas for curious families. We’d also love to help you plan your next family vacation. Contact us now to start exploring the amazing world of family vacation options available to you.

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