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How to Get a Visa for Brazil

how to get a visa for Brazil

Obtaining a Brazil tourist visa used to be a challenge. In fact, it deterred some travelers from visiting. Fortunately, the “land of palms” has expedited its visa process (effective January 25, 2018) for nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States. This means the process of how to get a visa for Brazil is more streamlined than ever before.  That said, the process does come with its challenges and a few technological headaches.

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know to secure your Brazil visa.

What’s New

For Australian, Canadian, Japanese, and American nationals, a Brazilian visa is now just a few clicks away. Instead of spending hours in long consulate lines, you can apply for a Brazil tourist visa through the new e-visa service.

What’s more, the price for a visa has dropped from $160 to $40 (a 75 percent reduction.) Also, be prepared to pay an online service fee of $4.24. The new e-visa is valid for both business travelers and tourists.

Why the Change

With these changes, the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism hopes to facilitate the process of getting a visa in a timely fashion. They also hope to reduce bureaucracy.

The easier application process falls under the Tourism + Brazil Plan launched by the Ministry of Tourism in April 2017.  They hope to increase tourism for nationals from the countries included in the new e-visa regulations. According to the World Tourism Organization, a 25 percent increase in international tourism to Brazil is expected.

How to get a visa for Brazil
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Where to Start

To start your Brazil visa application, go to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and create an account. Once registered, fill out the Brazil visa application form.

Be prepared to upload all necessary documentation as well as answer some questions. Documentation includes a photo, passport bio page, address page, and a consent letter (for applicants below the age of 18.) Minors may also need to submit a birth certificate. (Canadian nationals, this needs to be the long form version.) You’ll finish with an online payment before receiving a confirmation email with a reference number.

From there, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will review your application and make a final decision. You’ll receive an email notification in about four to five business days. Once your electronically-issued visa arrives, get ready to walk those white sand beaches and get your samba on!

What to Keep in Mind

As with every new technology, the process is still under review and could use a few tweaks. Uploading the documents can be tricky and more time-consuming than you’d think. When uploading the passport bio photo, for instance, the image might appear sideways. Don’t go crazy trying to make the image fit. As long as you follow the size and quality instructions, it works.

For the consent letter required for children 18 and under, make sure the signatures on the letter exactly matches the signatures on the parents’ passports or IDs. Otherwise, a new one will likely need to be provided before your child’s visa is approved.

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How to Get a Visa for Brazil

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