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How to Incorporate a Travel Mindset into Your Family Culture Definition

family culture definition

Over the last few years, we’ve explored the importance of family culture in a variety of different contexts. We’ve looked at ways to foster a family culture of gratitude and how it encourages kids to mature into optimistic, positive teens. When it comes to incorporating acceptance into family culture, we’ve explored how travel and exposure to different cultures can help, especially in the face of unfamiliar settings, scenarios, and cultures. We’ve also dug deep into why family culture is so important in the first place.

But all of this begs the question: how do we make a travel mindset integral to our family culture definition? Let’s explore some effective ways to bring the spirit of exploration into our family’s culture through shared experiences and traditions.

family culture definition
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Your Family Culture Definition

If you haven’t had a chance to read our articles on family culture yet or give much thought to this subject, we’re here to help. Defining a family culture is both fascinating and enlightening. It’ll give you a new perspective on your family and how you relate, as a family unit, to the world.

So, what is it in a nutshell? Family culture is the collection of habits, traditions, practices, and values that define you as a family. It’s what makes your family unique and different from others. It is, in essence, your corporate identity.

Once you’ve defined it, you’ll enjoy newfound confidence when it comes to making important decisions, both for the short and long-term. Why? Because you’ll know what matters most to your family, even when individuals disagree about the details. Best of all, when you care for and nourish this culture, it transforms into a hedge of protection encircling your family with a sense of security, belonging, and understanding.

family culture definition
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Family Culture Examples to Get You Started

As you sit down and take a look at what your family prizes and where you place the vast majority of your time and energy, your family’s culture will quickly emerge. If the members of your family generally like being outside, then making time as a family to participate in hiking, biking, and more will become a fundamental part of your identity. It’ll set you apart from other families as “outdoorsy” or “nature-loving.”

If your family is fascinated by music and art, then listening to music together or visiting a museum is just as important as individual music lessons or painting classes. By finding activities where every family member can experience music or art together, no matter their age, you foster a loving, safe environment where your budding artists feel free to explore the world.

Other family culture examples include emphasizing athleticism and healthy living or a culture around intellectual pursuits. The best part? You can mix and match the activities, interests, and qualities based on the uniqueness of your family.

family travel definition
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How to Bring Travel into the Mix

But what about making the travel mindset a part of your family’s culture? First and foremost, travel as a family whenever possible. Make regular trips together a crucial part of your tradition. And when you don’t have the time or money to hit the road? There are many important lessons that you can instill in children at home, too.

Watch documentaries as a family. They allow you to explore the world and its varied cultures from the comfort of your own home. Take weekend road trips where you encourage your kids to step outside of their comfort zones by exploring new cities, markets, ethnic neighborhoods, or restaurants.

Watch subtitled movies. Listen to music from other cultures and countries. Learn a new language as a family. Make the experience of other places, languages, foods, and more a regular part of your family routine and traditions.

family culture definition
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But Don’t Stop There!

When fostering a family culture that embraces travel and exploration, it doesn’t stop with vacations, road trips, or language lessons. Instilling the most important aspects of a travel mindset in your kids is ultimately about a deeper set of guiding principles and characteristics.

What do we mean by this? Think about the qualities that make for a great traveler: flexibility, willingness to try new things, empathy, ability to connect with others, great people skills, strong EQ, mindfulness, generosity, gratitude.

You get the point.

Now find ways to encourage these qualities in your kids. By appreciating the small moments in life as a family. Or, volunteering to help others in need. Something as simple as packing socks and toiletries to go to homeless shelters can teach kids crucial lessons in empathy and compassion. Working in the garden can teach about caring for ecosystems and being a good steward of the planet. Whatever you choose to do as a family, know these are the habits and traditions that will define your family culture.

family culture definition
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What Is Your Family Culture?

There are countless ways to bring the spirit of travel and adventure into your family culture definition while helping your children learn many valuable life lessons. When you make family culture an important part of your daily life, you create a safe harbor where your children will always feel accepted, appreciated, and sheltered.

At Our Whole Village, we craft tours carefully designed for families who want to create lasting memories while making a difference. We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its peoples, and cultures. Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable experiences that we curate for families just like yours.

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