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Morocco Family Vacation: The Best Places to Visit with Kids

Morocco family vacation

An easy flight from Europe, a trip to Morocco will transport you into another world rich in exotic culture and natural beauty. Its stunning beaches, dramatic gorges, and snow-capped peaks will enchant you, and you and your kids will enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a trip to one of the country’s many bustling souks (markets).

Whether your family prefers outdoor adventures like hiking and camel riding or a leisurely stroll through an ancient Moroccan city, you’ll find plenty of options on a Morocco family vacation. Here are some of the amazing destinations you’ll see on a trip to this gorgeous country.


A bustling port city boasting a beautiful windswept beach on the Atlantic coast, Essaouira comes with all of the charm and character of a quintessential Moroccan city. Explore the ancient metropolis, still partially enclosed by fortress walls, where Barbary pirates once ruled the high seas.

At the port, take photos of the startling blue boats, fish stalls, men mending nets, and the views from the Essaouira Ramparts of crashing waves. Savor a leisurely stroll through the souks (markets) of the city taking in the vibrant colors, aromas, and bustling action of shoppers and merchants alike. Or, enjoy a hands-on pottery lesson and mint tea with a local family.

Morocco family vacation
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Marrakech once served as an important stopover on the Sahara Caravan Route, which moved spices, slaves, medicine, and gold. Today, Marrakech, the fourth largest city in Morocco, boasts chic cafes, delicious restaurants, and lively markets including the famed Djemaa al Fna Square. Known as “the heart of Marrakech,” the Djemaa al Fna (a.k.a. Jemaa el fna) Square vibrates with life.

From the buzz of haggling shoppers and merchants to the enchanting sounds of street musicians, your family will be captivated by the vigor and vibrance of this iconic site, voted a “Masterpiece of World Heritage” by UNESCO in 2001. Its mysterious bazaars are piled high with metalwork, jewelry, carpets, wood carvings,  and spices. Steeped in centuries of rich culture, it remains a highlight when traveling Morocco with kids.

Morocco family adventure
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The Ourika Valley

Located in the shadows of the snow capped High Atlas Peaks, the lush Ourika Valley boasts refreshing waterfalls, abundant agriculture, and villages steeped in Berber culture. Locals are more likely to speak Tashelheit (a Berber language) than French or Arabic although most prove well-versed in multiple languages. Immerse yourself in the Berber culture by trying your hand at weaving a colorful kilim with local women while learning more about daily life in the valley.

Just an hour from Marrakech, you’ll enjoy the Ourika Valley’s cooler climate and slower pace of living. Enjoy an excellent tajine (meat dish with roasted vegetables, olives, and spices) while soaking in colorful Berber traditions. The area proves rich in hiking trails including a steep climb to seven waterfalls (not recommended for small children).

Morocco family vacation
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Erg Lihoudi

Take a camel ride through the Sahara Desert that culminates in an authentic camping experience with the nomadic Berbers. You’ll learn about their impressive culture and traditions steeped in thousands of years of living nomadically in the area’s expansive desert landscapes.

You and your kids will connect with new peoples, perspectives, and ways of life. You’ll learn one-of-a-kind lessons about history and hospitality. And you’ll enjoy exploring the Sahara Desert’s rust-colored dunes and unique plants and animals, all adapted to life in a challenging, yet fragile, ecosystem.

Morocco family vacation
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Morocco Family Vacation

Morocco boasts a warm culture that welcomes families. Its diverse natural landscapes and unique sights, sounds, and aromas will fascinate you and your kids, providing you with unforgettable memories of this enchanting, magical land.

Find out more about our 9-day Morocco Family Adventure, an immersive family adventure into one of the most exotic locations on the planet. From pottery and weaving workshops to riding camels and camping with Berbers, you’ll forge authentic connections with locals while enjoying an amazing adventure in Morocco with kids.

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