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Family Adventure Travel in 2019: Our Top Destination Picks

family adventure travel in 2019

Winter comes with many exciting moments including time spent with loved ones savoring the holidays. The start of a new year makes us reflect on cherished memories while looking with hope towards the future. From our children’s next milestones to our future family adventure travels, where will the new year take us?

Here are our top picks for family adventure travel in 2019.

The Brazilian Amazon

Boasting one of the most vital ecosystems on Earth, the Brazilian Amazon teems with life. Trees tower 150 to 200 feet above the rainforest canopy where playful monkeys and vibrantly-plumed birds streak by. Home to 50,000 types of plants, the verdant jungle will captivate you and your kids while providing important ecological lessons.

There’s no better way to experience the Amazon rainforest than to cruise the calm and virtually mosquito-free waters of the Rio Negro. An Amazon river expedition allows for spontaneous adventures and authentic discoveries. Families will disconnect to reconnect, explore a different way of life, and experience the abundance of the rainforest. Together, you’ll get back in touch with nature without the distractions of everyday life.

family adventure travel in 2019
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Costa Rica

One of the top outdoor adventure destinations in the world, Costa Rica doesn’t disappoint. It provides activities for all ages making this a true family-friendly travel location. Whether you’re interested in gorgeous beaches or white water rafting in Sarapiqui, you’re in for an epic adventure in this jungle paradise.

For an exhilarating ride, take the 3,280-foot-long Sky Trek zip line system. You’ll soar like a bird 600 feet above the rainforest while enjoying continuous views of forests, lakes, and the looming Arenal Volcano. Or, hike through the pristine forests of Arenal Volcano National Park. Here, catch views of the 200-foot-tall Fortuna Waterfall emerging from a verdant wall of vegetation.

family adventure travel in 2019
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Steeped in ancient history, Cambodia entrances visitors with its rich culture, archaeological marvels, and natural beauty. Home to many sacred sites, Angkor Wat remains one of the most popular. The largest religious complex in the world, it spans four times more territory than Vatican City in Rome. Constructed from 5.5 million tons of sandstone, that’s more stone than all of the pyramids in Egypt.

Another sacred sight, the mountain of Phnom Kulen represents a weekend pilgrimage spot. The site includes an impressive waterfall and a river bearing hundreds of sandstone carvings. But a 16th-century reclining Buddha statue remains the highlight of a visit. It measures 26.25 feet (8 meters) long. Not only will you and your family marvel at the beauty of this land, but you’ll also gain a thorough introduction to Buddhism. And Cambodia’s affordable prices and delicious food make for a great family destination.

family adventure travel in 2019
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Chilean Patagonia

Patagonia’s rugged beauty and one-of-a-kind landscapes rival any destination in the world. A land of massive glaciers, rock pinnacles, exotic wildlife, and turquoise lakes, its sublime splendor will leave you awestruck. One of the best places to capture the diverse ecosystems of this region is the Torres del Paine National Park.

Boasting the Paine Massif, an eastern spur of the Andes, these three granite peaks dominate the landscape. The park is also rich with wildlife from black-necked swans to Chilean flamingos, South American gray foxes to guanacos (a distant cousin of the domesticated llama). Ideal for active families with older kids, you can hike to lake-fed waterfalls, visit 8,000-year-old cave paintings, or horseback ride through the park enjoying its panoramic vistas.

family adventure travel in 2019
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A land of rich cultural traditions, delectable cuisine, and ancient ruins, a Peru family vacation offers something for everyone. A hub for adventure seekers preparing for the final ascent to Machu Picchu, Cuzco showcases a vibrant synthesis of Inca and Spanish cultural influences. This is evident in local architecture, artisanal crafts, and textiles.

Before visiting Machu Picchu, a stay in the Sacred Valley offers a window into the local culture, with stunning ruins, vibrant markets, and plenty of activities for kids of all ages. Machu Picchu rises into the heavens nearly 8,000 feet above sea level. Shrouded in clouds and mystery, the “Lost City” contains more than 150 buildings. It marks a sprawling royal estate inexplicably abandoned in the 16th century.

For those with a bit more time, Lake Titicaca, at 12,053 feet above sea level, beckons travelers with its nearly 70 human-made Uros islands and role as the birthplace of Incan Civilization. It also contains a mysterious underwater temple more than 1,000 years old. The nearby city of Puno represents the folklore capital of Peru boasting centuries-old music and more than 300 local dances.

family adventure travel in 2019
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Elegant and exotic, peaceful and spiritual, a natural paradise, culturally vibrant, infused with flavor, offering something for everyone. This is Thailand — known for its friendly people and welcoming hospitality. You and your family feel a million miles away and yet right at home in the “land of smiles.”

The Chao Phraya River represents the lifeblood of Bangkok and plays host to iconic Thai floating markets. Paddle-wielding shopkeepers sell neat stacks of exotic goods: silk cloth, conical hats, flowers, fruits, and much more.

Of course, you can’t talk about Thailand without mentioning their largest resident, the Asian elephant. The Patara Elephant Farm near Chiang Mai offers sanctuary to these gentle giants. They allow visitors to participate in the “Elephant Owner for a Day” program, a hands-on experience where guests care for these beautiful creatures.

family adventure travel in 2019
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Family Adventure Travel in 2019

Our top destination picks for family adventure travel in 2019 balance adventure with authentic cultural experiences in breathtaking settings. From the jungles of the Brazilian Amazon to the floating markets of Thailand, you and your family have a world of new adventures awaiting you in the new year. Where will 2019 take you?

At Our Whole Village, we create transformational trips for curious families who want to create lasting memories while making a difference. We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its peoples, and its cultures. Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable experiences that we handcraft for adventure-seeking families just like yours.

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