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Traveling Brazil with Kids: The Waterfalls of Chapada Diamantina

traveling Brazil with kids

Chapada Diamantina National Park is renowned for its gorgeous caves featuring crystal-clear turquoise pools perfect for an afternoon dip. Besides its subterranean charms, the park’s scenic wonders are not to be missed, including soaring tabletop mountains and the Pai Inacio Peak. But the ultimate highlight of a park visit? Chapada’s spectacular waterfalls. Here are two must-sees when traveling Brazil with kids.

Delicious Explorations: Asian Influences on Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian Cuisine

Did you know that Peru boasts 600,000 descendants of Chinese and Japanese migrants? That makes it the second largest Asian population in Latin America? Chinese immigrants to Peru are known locally as “Tusán” and Japanese immigrants “Nikkei.” Prominent Asian influences are many in Peru, especially …

Brazilian Adventure: Visiting a Quilombo

Brazilian adventure

Quilombos are historic Brazilian communities. Constructed by runaway slaves and natives, they boast a vibrant cultural heritage. A must-see on your next Brazilian adventure, you and your family can explore: traditional food artisanal crafts folk dance local martial arts quilombo music You’ll learn about a …