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Traveling Thailand with Children: A Visit to Thai Wine Country

traveling Thailand with kids

Visiting wineries with kids? Not only do we approve, but we’ve developed six surefire tips to make a family trip to a tasting room successful. We’ve also learned from experience how important it is to understand and recognize your kid’s limitations. With these resources in mind, let’s talk about a winemaking region that’s seen serious advances in recent years, despite an unlikely location.

Far from the rolling hills of Napa and Beaujolais, Thai wineries are gaining international recognition and with good reason. Having borrowed successful viticulture practices from New Zealand and Spain, they’ve modified them to better deal with Thailand’s challenging weather. The result? The creation of spectacular reds and whites in stunning locations.

Here’s our guide to optimizing your wine country experience while traveling Thailand with children.

Thai Wine 101

Beyond Thailand’s astounding Buddhist temples and gorgeous beaches lie the best vineyards in the kingdom. They sit poised in the hills of Hua Hin along the eastern coastline, near Khao Yai to the north of Bangkok, and in Pattaya to the south. Despite capricious weather and volatile soil, these establishments have beaten the odds to craft rich, full-bodied wines, a testament to sheer willpower.

Ripe grapes are hand-cultivated by employees who work tirelessly to keep them healthy and productive. In fact, they fan baskets to lessen the heat of the day and follow other practices used in New Zealand and Spain to produce excellent grapes.

traveling Thailand with kids
© PB Winery

A Product of Sheer Willpower

The result? Award-winning wines that continue to earn international acclaim. And the determination to make great vintages doesn’t stop there. Individuals like Chalerm Yoovidhya, the Red Bull billionaire, are investing serious baht into local wineries so that Thai wine continues to improve in quality and flavor.

There are currently six members of the Thai Wine Association, which controls the quality of the final product. Over the years, each of these six wineries has earned countless awards, including gold medals at international wine competitions. What’s more, they’ve enjoyed a surprising level of brand success both nationally and internationally. In fact, Siam Winery, a brand from Monsoon Valley, exports to more than 20 different countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

traveling Thailand with kids
© Josef Knecht | Wikimedia Commons

Where to Taste Thai Wine

Monsoon Valley remains one of the most expertly run and innovative wineries in the region. In 2017, Monsoon Valley became the first Thai winery to win “Brand of the Year” at the World Branding Awards. The property includes unique features such as its “floating vineyards,” nearly 25,000 acres of grapes located in the Chao Phraya River Delta. Monsoon Valley remains open year-round with a variety of tours and wine tasting events available.

Adjacent to Khao Yao National Park you’ll find GranMonte Estate. Located nearly 1,200 feet above sea level, it includes stunning views of its pastoral 40-acre valley. Borrowing principles from sustainable agriculture and custom-tailored techniques, they’ve crafted a variety of wines that result in a delightful tasting. You’ll also enjoy checking out their fine selection of homemade pies and jams.

traveling Thailand with kids
© PB Winery

PB Winery remains one of the oldest and largest wineries in Thailand. Located in the Khao Yai region, it has distinguished itself from the competition by promoting “New Latitude Wines.” Relying on the expertise of New Zealand and German-trained winemakers, they’ve developed an award-winning wine tour that fully immerses you in viticulture. They also grow a variety of seasonal flowers and exotic fruits that’ll please your eyes and palette.

Traveling Thailand with Children

Although Thailand has yet to become an iconic winemaking region of the world, the wineries above are working hard to gain global recognition. Exploring one of these gorgeous establishments represents an unexpected highlight when traveling Thailand with children. And while it remains equally unexpected, you can explore Thai wine country without tantrums or mishaps. A little extra planning means you can create an experience that’s enjoyable for both children and adults.

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