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3 Simple Ways to Give Your Child the World

give your child the world

Sometimes parenting feels more like day-to-day survival than intentional action. From breakfast to bedtime, we’re so busy keeping our kids fed, clothed, healthy, and safe that raising a good global citizen gets lost in the shuffle. So, how do you give your child the world?

Read on for three simple ways to make the travel mindset a part of your family culture, even when you don’t think you have the time, money, or resources…

give your child the world
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Around the World in 80 Books… Or More

What’s the single most important thing you can do to help your child gain mastery over language and literacy? Read aloud to them for 15 minutes daily. Why? In conversation, we tend to use the same 5,000 words. But books introduce new vocabulary and grammatical meanings—combinations and phrases heard rarely from day to day. Learn more about the benefits of reading to children.

Why not introduce your child to new cultures and regions of the world while you’re at it? Start with Indra’s jeweled net to help your little one visualize the interconnectivity of the world. Then, focus on one area of the globe each week and read age-appropriate stories and books about its peoples and cultures.

Need extra inspiration? Jamie C. Martin’s Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book At a Time contains globetrotting reading lists organized by age and interest level. Your next adventure is as close as your nearest library…

give your child the world
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Celebrate International Flavors

Start a family tradition and gain global awareness! One night each week, sample flavors from another part of the globe. If you’re eating out, choose a restaurant featuring international cuisine. Or, explore an international market near you. Discuss the surprising sights, sounds, smells, colors, textures, and tastes that you encounter.

Preparing international recipes at home offers another fun way to give your child the world. If you have neighbors or friends who cook dishes from other cultures, invite them over for a dinner-making party. Put on music from the region inspiring your evening’s dishes and turn dinner into a mini-adventure.

give your child the world
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Travel Constantly

Stop making excuses and start traveling NOW. Kids too young? The younger you introduce your child—even baby—to travel, the better it is for their brain and perspective. Travel builds stronger, smarter, more resilient kids.

Too expensive? Affordable tours make travel easy for families on the go. Do a little research, and plan early to maximize savings. Instead of collecting things, focus on collecting memories. You’ll cut expenses in superficial areas while gaining depth of experience.

Don’t have enough time? Travel doesn’t have to involve big blocks of time. In a week, you can give your child the adventure of a lifetime. Weekend trips are another great option to keep the exploration and learning going all year long.

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Give Your Child the World

Traveling helps your child gain perspective, appreciate the world, and cultivate empathy. Creating a good global citizen is a day-to-day affair, so make travel a mindset rather than a once-a-year event.

At Our Whole Village, raising globally-minded children is our passion. We create accessible tours designed for families who want to create lasting memories while making a difference.

We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its peoples, and its cultures. Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable experiences that we handcraft to introduce kids to the world and create better global citizens.

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