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Family Adventures that Change the World

family adventures

Did you know that for every $100 spent by tourists in developing countries, only $5 remains in the local economy? Fortunately, we’re changing that model. How? With transformative family adventures!

Read on to find out how we’re making the world a better place one family adventure at a time…

Transformative Family Adventures

When you book with Our Whole Village, you get more than a fun vacation. You make an investment in your child’s future. Why? We handcraft transformative family adventures. Our educational tour activities connect you and your family with the world and its people, giving you a better understanding of other cultures.

Our goal? To raise a generation of good global citizens. Our trips provide you and your family with new perspectives, broader horizons and a greater global appreciation. What’s more, our model ensures that tourism dollars directly benefit local families.

How? In addition to working with local guides, accommodations and providers, fifty percent of our proceeds get reinvested into local economies. We contribute to organizations that work with women and children worldwide to improve their futures. These organizations address poverty, family health, education, and conservation. Read on to meet those we partner with for a better planet…

family adventures
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VivAmazonia School

VivAmazonia is a primary school for students aged 6 to 15 years old. VivAmazonia is located in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon along the Rio Negro. Its curriculum draws on the rich experience of life in the Amazon. Constructed around the remote jungle environment, each lesson connects students’ day-to-day lives with formal education.

Our Whole Village contributes funds for VivAmazonia’s infrastructure and renovations. Remaining contributions are used towards daily operational costs such as food and transportation. Our clients can visit and spend a morning with the students of VivAmazonia on our 8-day Brazilian Amazon River Cruise.

family adventures
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Almerinda Malaquias Foundation (FAM)

Fundação Almerinda Malaquias (FAM) is based in Novo Airão on the Rio Negro River. Located about 180 km upstream of Manaus, this non-profit improves lives through education. FAM trains local women and youth in woodworking, marquetry, soap making and handicrafts. FAM currently supports 123 kids and 30 artisans.

FAM also provides education about the environment and sustainable use of local resources. Our Whole Village has partnered with FAM to build a local store. The store sells artisanal creations including handmade soaps.

All our Brazilian Amazon River Cruise itineraries include a visit to FAM, where families can see these projects in action.

Quelônios Turtle Conservation

Quelônios is a turtle conservation project on the Jauaperi river in the Brazilian Amazon. Through the Jauaperi River Artisans Association they fund the protection of six beaches in four different communities. As a result, they hope to release 3000 turtles at the end of the current cycle.

Depending on the length of the itinerary and time of year, our clients can help search for eggs (October-December) or release the turtles back into the river (January-March).


Our Whole Village and Planeterra work together to foster social enterprise in the tourism industry. We’re participating in Planeterra’s 50 in 5 campaign. That means, we’re committing $5,000 toward Planeterra’s goal of 50 new social enterprise projects by 2020.

Over the past 15 years, Planeterra has contributed millions of dollars to local economies. These funds support emergency response, conservation, healthcare, and social enterprise projects. We share Planeterra’s dedication to bringing the benefits of tourism to local families.

Brazilian Amazon 5-day All-Inclusive Cruise – Jaú National Park Expedition
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The Our Whole Village Difference

At Our Whole Village, raising globally-minded children is our passion. We craft accessible tours that create lasting memories and make a difference.

We believe that travel is crucial to raising good global citizens. And the family adventures we offer benefit local economies, too.

We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its peoples and its cultures. Contact us today to learn more about our one-of-a-kind family adventures.

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