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5 Tips for a Fabulous Family Vacation Photo Album

family vacation photo album

Are the photos from your last family vacation still on a memory card? Do you have great intentions of creating a fabulous family vacation photo album but haven’t found the time?  Luckily, we’ve got the 5 tips you need to get back on track to creating memorable vacation photo albums quickly.

1. Tell A Story

Just like a book—with a beginning, middle, and end—your travel photo album needs to tell a story. So, before diving in, sketch out a timeline of important events and realizations. Not sure where to start? Ask yourself this question: why am I making this book?

After you’ve sorted out the why, you’ll see the story more clearly. What’s more, your project will have direction. You’ll also know what you need to compile to tell that story.

family vacation photo album
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2. Take Notes

That said, what if you lack the time to write a narrative of your adventures right now? That shouldn’t prevent you from creating the album. Just make sure your album includes references about where you traveled and when. You can use sticky notes for the time being. No matter how you do it, get this information jotted down sooner than later.

Too often, we put off writing about the photos in an album. The memories are still fresh in our minds. How could we forget them? Then, we find (to our horror) as we’re thumbing through an album years later, that the name of a city, monument, or date escapes us completely. Avoid this heartache by including notes of some kind from the get-go. Even if they’re rudimentary and temporary.

3. Involve the Whole Family

If the thought of creating an entire vacation album by yourself feels daunting, enlist your family to help. Assign each kid a page to decorate and a handful of photos to use.

And don’t forget about text! Let your kids dictate part of the adventure to you from their perspective. Or, if they’re old enough, let them write a small story about the vacation. You’ll treasure their handwriting and viewpoint for years to come.

Not only will allocating work help you complete the album more quickly, but it will make your finished product a true memento. Your travel photo book will be filled with memories and little reminders of what your children were like at different ages.

family vacation photo album
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4. Hone Your Photographic Skills

Part of creating a memorable family photo album is having great pictures. You can read up on tips for taking meaningful vacation photos. I’m not talking about technical considerations so much as the content of images. So, focus on capturing photos that tell your family’s vacation story.

Thinking about your next family vacation photo album before your departure will help you take the photos most illustrative of your adventures. Since you’re focusing on a narrative format, you’ll also feel less compelled to stay behind the camera lens the whole time, which equals more enjoyment for you.

5. Make Travel a Priority

Whether it’s a week-long trip to the Amazon or a weekend getaway to the coast, make travel a priority. Each trip that you take will help you hone your photographic and storytelling skills.

You’ll gain an intuitive sense of when to snap photos and when to relax. You’ll get better and better at crafting the story of your family adventure as you go along. And you’ll be amazed at how much enjoyment you and your family will derive from looking at these albums for years to come.

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Creating a Fabulous Family Vacation Photo Album

Did you find any of these family vacation photo album tips helpful? Anything you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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