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6 Brazilian Foods You Must Try

Brazilian Foods

Brazil boasts vibrant cultures, thousands of miles of gorgeous coastline, and pristine wilderness. The abundance of natural resources and local cultures are reflected in delectable Brazilian food.

Check out these six must-try foods from Brazil.

Brazilian foods
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1. Moqueca

Moqueca combines a tasty fish stew with a dramatic tableside presentation. It’s served in a piping hot clay pot that’s uncovered at your table. Once the fragrant puff of steam clears, the succulent dish is revealed. Fish and/or seafood are the foundational ingredients of moqueca. They are simmered to perfection with coriander, onions, and diced tomatoes.

Two regional variations of the dish exist. One comes from Bahia (in the Northeast region) and one comes from the Capixabas in Espírito Santo, a state bordering Bahia to the south. The Capixabas add urucum (annatto seeds) to their version resulting in a slightly reddish color. The Baianos version features dendê (palm oil), coconut milk, and peppers, which makes for a heavier dish. Both variations are divine.

Brazilian foods
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2. Feijoada

A hearty stew of black beans, sausage, and tender morsels of pork, feijoada is Brazil’s national dish. House-made feijoada takes up to 24 hours to make when you factor in soaking the beans and desalting the pork.

It’s a popular menu item at Brazilian restaurants and bars. Feijoada is served with sides like rice, kale, orange slices, pork scratchings, and farofa (toasted manioc flour mixed with small pieces of fried bacon, scallions, sausage, eggs, and etc.)

Brazilian food
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3. Churrasco

Brazilians know how to barbecue meat. Want proof? Give churrasco a try. Think meat skewered on espetos and slow-cooked to juicy perfection over a charcoal grill. Once you and your family give churrasco a whirl, you’ll understand why Brazilian BBQ is renowned the world over.

In the US, you can now find a handful of churrascarias that serve churrasco rodízio-style, essentially a carnivore’s paradise of all-you-can-eat meat selections, served tableside.

Brazilian food
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4. Pão de Queijo

What’s better than bread and cheese? Marrying them together as pão de queijo. Pão de queijo are yummy puffs of cheesy goodness. These cheese-bread creations should be crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. What’s more, they’re a great gluten-free option because they’re made with cassava flour rather than wheat flour.

Brazilian food
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5. Brigadeiro

If you’re longing for a sweet pick-me-up, look no further than brigadeiros. They’re the Brazilian version of chocolate truffles and are a staple at every child’s birthday party. Brigadeiros are made by simmering cocoa powder in condensed milk and butter. The thickened mixture is shaped into balls and rolled in chocolate sprinkles. Besides the traditional milk chocolate version, look for fun variations such as white chocolate or strawberry brigadeiros.

Brazilian food
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6. Beiju

Brazil’s a great place for gluten-free options. Another favorite is the popular street food, beiju. This tapioca treat, made with manioc flour, looks like a crepe or a grainy pancake. Stuffed with sweet or savory fillings, beiju makes for a delectable snack on the go.

Brazilian food
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Brazilian Foods

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