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Authentic Costa Rica: A Family Homestay Experience

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How do you want to experience Costa Rica? Do you want to visit the major tourist attractions, check them off your list, and call it a day? If so, that’s great. But a family homestay probably won’t rank at the top of your travel. Do you want to immerse yourself and your family in authentic Costa Rican culture, build lasting connections with locals, and experience what it’s like to actually live in Costa Rica? If the answer’s “yes,” then there’s no better way than a homestay accommodation.

That said, not all homestays are created equal. And there’s definitely an art in finding a balance between authentic experience and something that is fun, safe and enjoyable for the entire family.

Here’s what you’ll experience during an optional homestay experience offered on our Costa Rica tours.

family homestay
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El Roble de Sarapiquí

One of the hallmarks of our eight-day Costa Rica Adventure is a homestay experience and school visit in El Roble de Sarapiquí. You’ll pass through the lush, verdant rainforest scenery of Braulio Carrillo National Park to reach the lowlands of El Roble.

A region well-known for tropical agriculture, its picturesque plantations produce:

  • bananas
  • pineapples
  • beef cattle
  • various root crops
  • plantains
  • papayas

Intermixed with large tracts of farmland stand gorgeous jungle reserves including La Selva and Tirimbina, the area is fed by the Sarapiquí River. Tourists come here to hike, whitewater raft, kayak, birdwatch, and embark on riverboat tours. But during a family homestay, you’ll have the opportunity to delve more deeply into local culture and lifeways as your host family welcomes you into their inner circle and daily routine.

family homestay
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Homestay Costa Rica

During your homestay experience, you and your family will have the opportunity to create lifelong cross-cultural friendships. You’ll connect with locals, their culture, and their language and come away with a much deeper understanding of Costa Rica. You and your family will develop a richer understanding of your own culture by celebrating the similarities and differences between your two worlds.

As one homestay participant put it, “I was nervous about a homestay for myself and my kids. But our host family was extremely welcoming and friendly. Despite the language differences, my kids and I fell in love with a family, their culture, and their language. It turned out to be the best part of our trip to Costa Rica!”

Other participants have been touched by the generosity and kindness of locals. “A homestay is really the best way to experience Costa Rica. It was amazing how we could communicate despite language and cultural barriers, and my kids did great. It certainly helped that we were in a community filled with the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

Patty, founder of Our Whole Village, did a homestay in El Roble with her 9 and 7-year old daughters and reported that “It was hands down one of the highlights of our trip. We enjoyed the leisurely days, visiting the local school, talking to the local artisans. The girls loved making tortillas and other local dishes with Mazarella. They also made bracelets together, picked fresh peppers with Mazarella’s grandson and had endless fun with their dogs, who would then follow them everywhere. We were only there for two nights, but felt very much like part of the family. It was eye-opening to the girls to see and experience a different way of life (no AC and no hot water!), yet feel the genuine love and warmth of Mazarella and her family.”

family homestay
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A Family Home Stay in Costa Rica

If you’re longing for an authentic experience of Costa Rican culture with your family, consider adding a family homestay to your trip. You and your family will be amazed by what you learn from your host family. From practicing Spanish to cooking local food, you’ll connect with another family in a meaningful, enriching way while gaining a new perspective about the world and your own culture.

Interested in learning more about a family homestay in Costa Rica? Our 8-Day Costa Rica Adventure itinerary heads deep into the heart of Costa Rica for an off-the-beaten-path family adventure. Whether you opt for the homestay or choose one of our other accommodations, we’ve got you and your family covered.

At Our Whole Village, we create tours designed for families who want to create lasting memories. We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its peoples, and cultures. Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable experiences that we handcraft for families just like yours.

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