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Do Your Kids Need a Digital Detox?

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We’re in an electronics overload. Screens are everywhere. Our children are interacting online more than ever before. But what are the consequences of these new behaviors? Do our kids need a digital detox?

Read on to learn more about the benefits of unplugging, and how it can make your kids happier and healthier.

Get Outside!

When kids play outside, they exercise. They release energy. They sleep better at night.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Research has proven that when kids play in green spaces—think, grassy, tree-filled parks—their stress levels decrease. And their attention spans increase. Getting outside to play helps kids develop problem-solving skills.

It hones their safety skills. Finally, playing outside helps them think outside of the box.

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Social and Emotional Intelligence

Research shows that exposure to electronics reduces the ability of children to read social and emotional cues. But, after a digital detox, adolescents showed marked improvement in reading facial expressions.

Researchers concluded that face-to-face communication is essential to childhood development. Without it, children fail to learn the nuances of non-verbal communication. The result?

They feel misunderstood. Their relationships become strained, and they retreat further into electronics. Luckily, even a short digital detox can help children get back on track.

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Create New Habits

Falling into an unhealthy relationship with electronics is easy to do. It becomes a reflex to turn on the television every time you walk through the door. Or, let your kids quietly entertain themselves with electronics for minutes that turn into hours. Sound familiar?

But electronics interrupt your family life. They break your child’s attention span, and they create a stressful environment. Instead of thinking about breaking bad habits with electronics, use this as an opportunity to create new, healthier habits.

When you do a digital detox, observe your child’s behavior for changes. You’ll be amazed at the behavioral differences you’ll see. Make a commitment to develop healthier habits moving forward. And put electronics in their place… on a shelf turned off.

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Digital Detox

Fortunately, it’s never too late for a change. Use time away from electronics to create new family habits and traditions. Explore the world together, away from screens. Take a road trip or family vacation. Get out and explore the big, beautiful world that’s all around us… away from electronics.

What’s a great way to do this sooner than later? Check out our seven-day Brazilian Amazon River Cruise itinerary. This family-focused tour takes you deep into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. You’ll hike through pristine forest, swim with river dolphins, explore waterfalls, and remain unplugged the whole time.

At Our Whole Village, raising globally-minded children is our passion. We create meaningful adventures designed for families who want to create lasting memories while making a difference.

We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its peoples, and its cultures. Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable experiences that we handcraft to introduce kids to the world and raise good global citizens.

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