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Mexico Family Vacations: Espíritu Santo Island

Mexico family vacations

Located between Mexico’s mainland and Baja, Espíritu Santo’s tan, ivory, and blush-striped cliffs rise dramatically from the Sea of Cortez. While some visitors come for bird watching, the real party goes on beneath the water, making this an idyllic destination for Mexico family vacations.

From fish-filled reefs to friendly sea lions, the archipelago of Espíritu Santo is a must-see on a trip to Mexico with kids.

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Espíritu Santo’s Reefs

Espíritu Santo represents an important eco-tourism destination, and snorkeling through its reefs remains a favorite family adventure. The reefs play home to:

  • angelfish
  • dolphins
  • Moorish idols
  • parrotfish
  • rainbow wrasse
  • trumpetfish

What’s more, sea life such as dolphins, rays, sharks, turtles, and whales migrate through regularly. Jacques Cousteau once famously called the Sea of Cortez “the world’s aquarium” because of its bounty of life, and its crystal-clear waters give you a stunning view of the action. The vibrant parade of sea creatures bustling just beneath the surface makes Espíritu Santo’s towering, desert cliffs all the more stunning and distinct.

Mexico family vacations
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Espíritu Santo’s Sea Lions

One of the great treats of any visit to Baja is the chance to swim with the wild sea lions of the Sea of Cortez. Located at the northern end of Espíritu Santo, Los Islotes is a rugged, rocky group of islands frequented by California sea lions. If you want to snorkel with them, you’ll want to avoid visiting the area in late July when mating season brings aggressive males to the area.

On your approach to the island, you’ll suddenly realize that the rocks are covered with sea lions, young and old. They enjoy basking on the sun-drenched rocky outcroppings. Once anchored, you can don snorkels and wetsuits and take a swim with female sea lions and their babies. It’s a magical experience your family will remember for a lifetime.

Mexico family vacations
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Mexico Family Vacations to the Archipelago of Espíritu Santo

Whether you’re snorkeling with your family at the reefs or swimming with California sea lions, the archipelago of Espíritu Santo is an unforgettable destination on your family trip to Mexico. Invest in a waterproof camera before you go so that you can capture the amazing, wild world just beneath the surface of the Sea of Cortez.

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