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Ultimate Guide to Argentina with Kids

Argentina with kids

Interested in traveling Argentina with kids? Fun, family-friendly activities abound. Here’s a suggested itinerary to get you started. This vast nation covers 1,073,364 square miles (2,780,400 square km). Geographers divide Argentina into four distinct regions: the Andes, the North, the Pampas, and Patagonia. Each of these regions comes with its unique charms and attractions.

The Andes mountains represent the longest mountain range in the world, and they also boast some of the tallest peaks. They’re only surpassed in height by the Himalayas of the Hindu Kush. The highest elevation in the Andes is at Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, a looming 22,841 feet (6,962 meters) above sea level.

In the North, you’ll find Buenos Aires, the “Gateway to the Country,” with its chic boutiques, quirky cafes, and curbside tango. A city of immigrants, the first big wave arrived in the 19th century from Spain, and these waves continued up through the 19th and early 20th centuries with immigrants from Italy, Germany, and Spain, too. There’s also much to be gained on a visit to rural parts of the North where you can relax in the pastoral tranquility of vineyards.

Bariloche Argentina
Boris G. | Flickr

In the central Pampas region, you’ll find the agricultural heartbeat of the nation. Its expansive grasslands remain the home of gauchos (Argentine cowboys) who still tend cattle herds much like their North American counterparts. There’s no better region to learn more about Argentina’s rural heritage while enjoying the fruits of its labor, the asado (barbecue).

In Patagonia, enjoy extraordinary views of cobalt-hued lakes, azure-tinged glaciers, verdant forests, and periwinkle skies. Charles Darwin described this region as “boundless,” and you’ll quickly understand why during a tour of the paradisiacal southern portion of Argentina, including the pine-covered Lake District of the northwest.

When to Go to Argentina

Best Time to Visit: Due to Argentina’s varied geography, choosing the best time to visit depends on the region. Argentina’s position below the equator means its seasons are reversed from those of the Northern Hemisphere. Winter runs from June to August. Spring goes from September to November and summer from December to February. Finally, autumn extends from March to May.

When to Visit Argentina: From September through November, the Lake District comes to life with stunning wildflowers abloom. During fall, from March to May, the vineyards of Argentina feature gold and copper-colored vines, a stunning contrast against the backdrop of the Andes mountains.

When to Visit Southern Argentina: June through August represents a fantastic time to visit Patagonia for those interested in skiing, ice skating, and other winter recreation. Of course, remember to pack for colder temperatures and snow. For those less inclined to winter activities, Patagonia proves most accessible from December through March.

family trip to Argentina
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Visiting Argentina with Kids: FAQs

Capital: Buenos Aires
Time: ART (Argentina Time), UTC/GMT -3 hours
Language: Spanish
Voltage: 220 v
Adapter: Type C/I for US appliances

Visas for Argentina

Nationals of the United States, as well as most Western European nations, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, may visit Argentina for 90 days or less without a visa. That said, anybody entering the country should have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry. What if you still need to apply for a visa to Argentina? Then, we highly recommend iVisa for a fast, affordable turnaround time.

Health & Vaccinations

Before taking kids to Argentina, make sure your family is up-to-date on routine immunizations. These immunizations include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, varicella (chickenpox), polio, and the annual flu shot. Doctors recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and Typhoid for most travelers to Argentina, too.

Additionally, some travelers may need to get vaccinated for Hepatitis B, Rabies, and Yellow Fever, depending on the types of activities they anticipate being involved in while traveling. Make sure you purchase travel insurance to cover unforeseen medical costs. Consult with your doctor before your departure.

Getting There

Argentina’s primary airport is Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini, located 26 miles (42 km) west of Buenos Aires. A variety of major airlines fly into Argentina from Europe, Australia, and North America, including American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, and Air Canada.

Flight time from New York: approximately 10 hours 50 minutes

Argentina Patagonia
© jmarti20 | Pixabay

Currency in Argentina

The official currency of Argentina is the peso (AR$), and banknotes come in denominations of two, five, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 pesos. One peso equals 100 centavos, and you’ll see coins in denominations of five, 10, 25, and 50 centavos. You’ll also see one- and two-peso coins.

Many establishments accept credit cards, particularly MasterCard and Visa, although they often can’t add tips to credit card payments. So, always carry small bills. Many smaller hotels and restaurants don’t accept credit cards. What’s more, you can sometimes get discounts when you pay in cash. It’s customary to tip 10 percent of the bill at cafes and restaurants and 15 percent at spas.

You can exchange euros and US dollars at banks and cambios (exchange houses) in many large urban areas. You can also easily exchange US dollars, as well as Chilean and Uruguayan pesos, at the border. You’ll need your passport to change money. Keep in mind that currency exchange gets more complicated outside of the capital.

What to Eat in Argentina

Argentina prides itself on a handful of iconic dishes that have become synonymous with national pride, including asado and dulce de leche. They also revel in unique beverages such as yerba mate and fine wines like Malbecs. Find out more about Argentina food culture.

yerba mate for kids
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Safety in Argentina

While criminal activity, such as pickpocketing and purse snatching, proves more common in Buenos Aires than other parts of Argentina, the US Department of State recommends exercising standard precautions as you would with any large metropolitan area. Argentina is rated moderately safe with comparatively less crime than many other parts of South America.

In terms of public transportation, trains, buses, and taxis are considered safe. But you should order your ride ahead instead of hailing a cab, which could lead to excessive charges. Radio taxis are among the best ways to go. You can recognize them by their yellow and black paint jobs and are widely available in the capital. You’ll also see white and blue airport taxis, which are another great option. For more information on safety during your Argentina family vacation, read on.

How to Dress for Argentina

Because of Argentina’s diverse climates and geographies, we recommend dressing in layers. Pack seasonal clothes. Wherever possible, opt for wrinkle-free fabrics that can be quickly rinsed out and allowed to line dry. You’ll find that fast-drying materials are your friends.

You should also pack a couple of long sleeve shirts and pants. Always opt for loose-fitting clothes in breathable fabrics. Another must? Comfortable walking shoes that can handle short hikes. Check out our ultimate pack-and-go checklist for a full breakdown of what to bring.

Buenos Aires Argentina
Boris G. | Flickr

Ready for Your Argentina Family Adventure?

We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the abundance of activities, sights, sounds, and cultural experiences waiting for you and your family in Argentina. Interested in finding out more about a family vacation to Argentina? Check out our recent blog posts about this incredible nation:

Make the World a Better Place During Your Family Adventure

At Our Whole Village, we work hard to guarantee that your next family adventure has a positive impact on the communities that you’ll visit. This philosophy guides us as we consider the journeys we craft and the impact they have on local communities and the environment. We work tirelessly to guarantee your next exciting family trip leaves the world a better place. We also remain dedicated to curating authentic, immersive experiences. Experiences designed to make raising global citizens easier and more fun.

How do we make this philosophy a reality? By working with organizations and charities that give back to local communities. For example, we eat at estancias (farms/ranches) and support local businesses. We hand select the eco-friendly hotels and businesses we visit, minimizing our “footprint” and guaranteeing a brighter future for these destinations.

Ready to learn more about our “kind” tourism approach? Here are two great resources to get you started:

Book a Family Holiday to Argentina

Travel with kids doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve worked hard to craft travel packages for families visiting Argentina. During our trips, you’ll enjoy pick up (and drop off) at the airport, hotel accommodations, excursions, meals, and more. Yet, we craft our itineraries with plenty of downtime, too, so that you can let the spontaneous flow of slow, authentic travel guide you and your family.

Once you board your flights to Buenos Aires, get ready for countless Argentine adventures, from the sophisticated charms of the capital to the rural bliss of the Pampas and the sublime allure of Patagonia. Check out the full itinerary now.

Argentina with kids
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Ready for Your Argentina Family Vacation?

Visiting Argentina with kids will allow you to gain new experiential insights into one of the most beautiful places on the planet. From the Andes mountains to icy glaciers and pastoral grasslands, you’ll be amazed by the landscape diversity, and that’s not to mention the exotic animals and plants that call this lovely nation home.

Now that you know more about the possibilities on a family trip to Argentina, let us help you get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Come along on our Argentina Family Vacation, a spectacular journey into the heart of this South American gem.

At Our Whole Village, we craft transformational trips for curious families who want to create lasting memories while making a difference. We’re here to help you and your family experience the world, its people, and its cultures. Contact us to learn more about the unforgettable experiences we curate for curious families just like yours.

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ultimate guide to Argentina with kids

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